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    Another proof that we are neglecting the NHS and people who work there,before this the NHS was on its arse now some landlords think its fine to evict them and make them look for somewhere to live instead of looking after should be ashamed and I bet you have a garage full of toilet roll unless you have realised you will get more in revenue for kicking this NHS staff out your property.(YOU ARE SCUM)
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    Not good, people are going crazy and a scared. The media hype isn’t helping either.
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    All this proves is that one individual who is suffering from severe anxiety about sharing her home with someone coming in regular contact with the virus, has terminated their lodger's licence. As I read it, it isn't a tenancy situation, ie exclusive as opposed to shared accommodation. So it isn't some or any landlords, and no proof of anybody neglecting anything. As @Pauld201 says, the media are hardly helping.

    Whether in this case the anxiety and fear are irrational, delusional, psychotic is not for us to know, nor do we know if the landlady has a serious pre-existing health condition making her particularly susceptible to the effects of the virus. I doubt, though, she will be a member of this forum, so the final remark is unlikely to reach its target...perhaps just as well?
  4. So as an example;
    The paramedic gives her landlady a dose and she could be dead within a week.
    The paramedic appreciates her worries and books in free of charge to the countless places offering free beds, like Chelsea fc as an example.
    This post for me just proves people's 'keyboard' skills
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