My 2019 Stash (Waiting to be delivered)

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    So I started buying my 2019 Firework stash last October and has grown to a reasonable, as it due for delivery at the Mid to end of October I don't have pictures at this time. But have the full list and all fireworks have been purchased from @Blackpool Fireworks .. Thinking about adding the Primed Pyro Royal Flush Barrage pack within the next couple of weeks.

    The list is:

    Selection Boxes

    Alpha x2 – Primed Pyro
    Beta x2 – Primed Pyro
    Andromeda x1 – Zeus
    Jupiter x1 – Evolution Fireworks
    Venus – x1 – Evolution Fireworks
    Andromeda Box x1 - Zeus
    Bronze Box x1 – Standard Fireworks
    Platinum Box x1 – Standard
    Giant Bonfire Box x1 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Party Box x1 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Mighty Pack x1 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Bonfire Pack x1 – Brightstar Fireworks

    Barrage Packs

    Full House Pack x1 – Primed Pyrotechnics
    Celtic 6 pack x2 – Celtic Fireworks
    The Ballistic Box x1 – Mars Pyrotechnics
    Profi Box x2 – Zeus
    Magical Six x1 – Hallmark
    Gem Collection x1 – Hallmark
    12 Shot Trio x1 – Evolution Fireworks
    Proton Barrage pack x1 – Evolution fireworks
    The Reckoning Barrage Pack x1 – Standard Fireworks
    Django Pack x1 – Skycrafter
    Premium 5 pack x1 (New for 2019) - Zeus


    Dum Bum Single Shots 4 Pack x3 – Klasek
    Atom Bombs x14 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Hot Balls Brocade Crown x2 – Jorge
    Hong Kong Candle Crackling x10 – Celtic Fireworks
    Red Dwarf Single Shots (5 pack) x3 – Evolution Fireworks
    Four Candle Pack (New for 2019) x4 – Zeus
    XXL Thunder – Gemstone Fireworks


    Colourful Conic Fountain x1 – Jorge
    Silver Conic Fountain x1 – Jorge
    Glacier Rising x1 – Celtic
    Jumping Jelly Beans – Kimbolton
    Blizzard Fountain x1 – Kimbolton


    Hallmark Sky hunters x 11
    Brightstar War Hawks x 9
    Zeus Nitro x 7
    Brothers Astro Blaster x4
    Brothers 5 Alive x1
    Viper Piranha x 6
    Celtic The Rocks x 2
    Jorge Imagine x 2
    Jorge Nautilus x 1
    Primed Sky Raider x 1
    Primed Moonshots x 2
    Hallmark The king and The boss x 2
    Sky crafter Rocking Robots x 1
    Celtic Super Rocks x 1
    Brightstar Delta Force x 2


    Proton Bomb Extreme X2 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Immortal Jellyfish X2 – Skycrafter
    Snowflake To Avalanche X2 – Skycrafter
    Button Moon X2 – Skycrafter
    Happy Shepherd X3 – Celtic
    Jackpot X4 – Primed Pyro
    Moroccan Sunrise X1 – Magnum
    Kasjopeja X2 - Jorge
    Mars X1 – Jorge
    Russian Roulette X4 – Primed Pyro
    One Armed Bandit X1 – Primed Pyro
    Bite Me X1 – Celtic
    Beijing Blitz X1 – Celtic
    Blinking Gauntlet X1 – Zeus
    Pluton X1 – Jorge
    Magneto Burst X3 – Celtic
    Flash Harry X3 – Celtic
    Wenus X1 – Jorge
    Celtic Dawn X1 – Celtic
    Caribean Dawn X1 – Magnum
    Havanna Nightfall X1 – Magnum
    Sky Breaker X2 – Primed Pyro
    Casino X2 – Primed Pyro
    Luminous Flux X2 – Kimbolton
    Jewel Of The Nile X2 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Bunker Buster X2 – Brightstar Fireworks
    The Slammer X2 – Brightstar Fireworks
    Jewel Of Stars X1 – Hallmark
    Dead Eye X2 – Zeus
    Ding Dong X2 – Celtic
    China Star X1 – Celtic
    Oceanic X1 – Celtic

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    3 day display then? :cool:
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    Christ! You know you can CHOOSE from what is on sale right? You don't have to buy the lot!
    Is this for one night? :eek:
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    I think it will be used over 4 nights and possibly on Xmas at the inlaws
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    Ha Ha :p:D:), you know it's true
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    With those selection boxes in the mix you'll be able to have a display every night for a week!

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    thescarymonkeyshow Supports UKFR you live on the same street as Julie Doorne? ;)
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    My God that would be a something, would have such a laugh p'ing her off :D:p
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    Well that's gona take you a while, however I'm sure I speak for most of us on here when I say, When you gona upload pictures of all this?


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    Fantastic :D Get the stash photo up :cheers: