My 2020 nye stash

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    59DA3800-D689-4541-8F8C-3094D33D260A.jpeg 28D15278-D681-4240-A0FB-23DB6487590D.jpeg A84466CE-E75E-40C2-9F84-0D6E17FA3732.jpeg Shout out to all my pryo heads for advise and offers after a month spent on the forum and advice I’ve been given from many on here I decided to take a 200 mile trip to Chorlton fireworks and finally met Saj and must say was worth the journey to meet such a dedicated lover of the game thank you for your time and knowledge also some great deals. These are some the cakes I’ve decided to go for

    Brocade war ,Indian scream ,Frankenstein
    Hercules ltd,Heavy hitter
    sky breaker,Jackpot,Tequila slammer
    Ghost ,Super white strobe, Coco
    Thunder bolt, suicide squad, phantom 3
    White spirit ,Lightning strike
    Crown 500
    Lush ,Big daddy
    Oceanic ,Ten out ten
    Mish mash ,Insidious
    Triple crown ,Mother load

    First time to fire any of these so well excited
    Still have many more cakes and compounds to get so any advise what I’m missing and btw only LOUD bangs will do not fan of rockets screams or to much crackkle if that helps :rolleyes:
    Also advise on what order to fire.
    Peace love and respect :cool:
  2. the breaks on heavy hitter are huge fired it on bfn, i would love to try mother load but i think it would to wide for my garden :(
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  3. From what I have seen motherload breaks really low too so best to have loads of space.
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  4. bangtidy69

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    Heavy hitter wasn’t on my list but wen see it in person it’s a beast couldn’t resist
    Garden size is not a issue but I don’t like to stand as far away as some people suggest like 30m:D:D
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  5. maxywell

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    I was tempted by that too but the ghosting breaks near the end looked like they were nearly touching the ground, i like fanned stuff but that might be a bit too fanned... :eek:

    Be interested to hear what you think of white spirit @bangtidy69 i was thinking about getting the 3 spirit cakes but ended up going with the 3 klasek ones.I'd be surprised if any of them are as good as super white strobe.
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  6. bangtidy69

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    All 3 was tempting just gives me another reason to go back lol.
    Tbh One of my top 3 I’m waiting to fire is the white strobe I wanted red glitter to but didn’t have in stock both side by side be great site :cool:
  7. Pyro Pete

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    Excellent, not long to go now!

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  8. Heavy hitter was one of my favs on bfn. Huge breaks and very loud :D
    Be interested to see what you think of motherload. I had it on bfn and for me it broke too low.
    I wasn’t doing anything for New Years pyro wise but stash pic has got me thinking :rolleyes::D
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  9. bangtidy69

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    I’ve heard mix reviews today in regards to motherload just hope it lives up to its videos.
  10. maxywell

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    RGW is quite similar to El Dorado but better in my opinion, the effects don't linger for quite as long but it definitely has bigger breaks.White strobe is probably the biggest bursts i've ever seen in a cat 2/3 cake, it's got very full, spherical breaks and pretty loud too.
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  11. bangtidy69

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    Rgw is on my list for sure. Only problem is what sequence to fire what :confused:
  12. Beal

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    You won’t be disappointed with motherload had it at GFN. Along with big daddy, white spirit, lightening strike all great pieces.
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  14. bangtidy69

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    :):D Hence why it was bought looks great
  15. Great meeting you pal, hope you enjoyed the food. Time flew by didn't realise how late it was when you left :cool:
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  16. bangtidy69

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    The dinner was great kept me going 4 hours non stop home Your a star
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  18. I wondered where you been lol ....... your always rushing around pal no time for a brew never mind food lol
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    Does this mean I can expect a full 3 courses with my deliveries in future Saj? ;):D

  20. Lol your never home :chair: