My first big pro show

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    Hi guys

    I started my company earlier this year and have been dying to dive in the deep end and setup and fire a big show so I did ! we hosted an event for a charity very close to our hearts as my son has cerebral palsy so for his school we organised an event at Wolverhampton race course unfortunately we didn't get the numbers we needed but all in all it was a great day. The fireworks....... I brought a wireless Pryo solutions system a few months back and I really cannot complain it took a while to get my head around the software but got there in the end there's still a lot of learning to be done as you will see in the video but other than my lack of experience I can't complain

    Really appreciate any thoughts or comments
    Here is a link to the video as I'm useless with a laptop
    Ps it doesn't end with etta James
    Enjoy !
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  2. Hi Alex,

    Great work on the fundraiser, I hope you raised a decent amount :)

    Certainly a busy show, perhaps a little overkill in places (says me) but the crowd certainly enjoyed the flurries of shells at the end. Its a long windy road to perfecting and balancing musical shows but you are on the right path.

    I am a stickler for symmetry, when using Z Fire cakes left and right, try to 'mirror' the side of ignition so you end up with the cakes effects crossing over symmetrically rather than moving left to right together, its much more aesthetically pleasing :)
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    I agree part of the problem was not knowing how certain cakes actually performed and the rest down to me thinking bigger and louder is better ( not always the case ) Thank you very much for your advise
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    It is a big jump into "big" displays so expect a few falls but as long as you accept that and learn, you'll do good. I'd agree the more is best approach is evident in the vid but some bits are just right, so work on those ideas. All in all, if the crowd are happy, you should be; but being a pyro you won't be, you'll strive for your idea of perfection and perhaps miss the point sometimes. Well done and good luck:)
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    Link not working
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    It didn't work for me from mobile but did on desktop.
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    Just got it to work held the link then selected "open in new tab" on android
  8. Great show Alex. Practise makes perfect!
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