My first show ever!

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  1. Samuel

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    Good evening everyone. I finally got the chance to shoot my first little show this weekend. It was all ready to go back in March for my son's birthday, but it got a little delayed and was planned as a test show in preparation for BFN. The camera angle was a little low unfortunately (as I was using a GoPro with no screen) but I was really pleased with the outcome.

    Huge thanks to @Firework Crazy and @Trafalgar Fireworks for the product and some superb pieces from @Vivid Pyrotechnics, @Celtic Fireworks, Imperial Lotus and more.


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  2. WOW, that finale:eek:
    Perfect timings and at last I have seen some of those imperial lotus 30mm comet candles and their amazing timings plus lots of their other products so great choice of products:)
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  3. Samuel

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    Thanks :). Yes those IL 30mm candles are quality, they fire right on cue and the thud they produce is just awesome. I’m excited to try some more IL stuff on bfn.
  4. Saltpetre

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    Very nice - do you have a firing list ?
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  5. hofnerite

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    That was great! Great products, concise timings, nice finale. Good job!
    Firing list please! (especially those coloured pearls with strobe mines around 0:50.. what were they?)
  6. AngryAndyPandy

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    Awesome job mate I really enjoyed that! As above a firing order would be great!
  7. Samuel

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    @Saltpetre, @AngryAndyPandy, @hofnerite - Below is the firing list with rough timings (I have not detailed the exact to the seconds but split them up into their sections) :)

    Cue 1 & 2 - 6 x Hong Kong Candle (Blue Coco) by Celtic - one didn't fire. - 0-30s

    Cue 3 & 4 - 6 x Hong Kong Candle (Pink Coco) by Celtic - 30s-1:00min
    Cue 5 - 2 x Uran (JW04) by Jorge - 30s-1:00m

    Cue 6 - 2 x Red Strobe comet tail by Imperial Lotus - 1min-1:30min
    Cue 7 - IL55 by Imperial Lotus - 1min-1:30min
    Cue 8 - 2 x Silver Strobe comet tail by Imperial Lotus - 1min-1:30min

    Cue 9 - Twilight Zone by Celtic - 1:30min-2:00min
    Cue 10 - 2 x Colourful Crossette by Celtic - 1:30min-2:00min

    Cue 11 - Il54 by Imperial Lotus - 2:00min-2:30min
    Cue 12 - 2 x Boogie by Celtic & Red Pearle Single Shot Slice by Vivid - 2:00min-2:30min

    Cue 13 - Astonish by Vivid & 2 x Stardust by Black Cat - 2:30min-3:00min

    Cue 14 - VIV25I-009 by Vivid & 2 x Celtic Dawn by Celtic - 3:00min-3:30min
    Cue 15 - Green Pearl Single Shot Slice by Vivid - 3:00min-3:30min

    Cue 16 - VIV25I-009 by Vivid - 3:15min-3:30min

    Cue 17 - 2 x Brexit by Celtic - 3:29min - 3:30min
  8. chris 1953

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    very nice, well done, great finish,:stashten: ok, chris:D
  9. Pyro Pete

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    Good work @Samuel and thanks for the firing list :)
  10. Saltpetre

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    Thanks @Samuel Always a big fan of candlework and those slices are lush
  11. hofnerite

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    I thought they were Uran but without the go-getter effect but on second look I can see they are now. :oops:
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  12. Samuel

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    Yeah, the low camera angle probably didn't help, a little higher and you would have seen them wiz off a bit better. I though they just gave a splash of colour.
  13. hofnerite

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    They're an excellent little cake!
  14. scoops

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    And difficult to get hold of
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  15. Great stuff, nicely done with the slices aswell. Good touch for the video with the small firing window too.
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  16. Samuel

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    Thanks, I was thinking of uploading the 4K close up ground view to YouTube too. My internet here is just very slow and takes like 2 hours to upload 1GB :( But I personally, weirdly, love just watching the close up ground view of them going off.
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  17. Great video. Well done. Excellent timing.
  18. Owen93

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    What angle did you have for the cake boards ? I want to make some for this year. Loved the ground footage as well
  19. Samuel

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    I honestly don’t know the angle, i just knocked them together with some plywood and timber to what looked right. I reckon its only 20ish degrees though, just enough to make it off centre and V-Shaped.
  20. Owen93

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    worked well and so did your candle angles. Very good display
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