My New Years Display - So Far

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  1. Here is a list of items i have brought for new year so far. I will add pictures soon

    x2 Atom Smashers - BrightStar
    Atmos Fear - BrightStar
    Raging Spiders - BrightStar
    Collision Course - BrightStar
    Quantum Quasar - BrightStar
    High Velocity - Spook Fireworks

    Looking to spend another £100, any suggestions. What does everyone think so far ?
  2. you seem to like bright star, have you tried there wrath of the gods.......?
  3. I only ever had atom smashers and raging spiders which are both really good, some of the better Brightstar stuff.

    Battle of midway is good value if they have got that, as its seems you have mostly Brightstar. Is it only Brightstar your after?
  4. pyro plim

    pyro plim Pro Firer/Crew

    4 king rockets ?:)
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  5. nope I Don't favour BrightStar, I just live near to a shop that only sells BrightStar and they are all buy one get one free. Like the atom smashers were 2 for £99 and you can mix and match as well. So I got Atmos fear and Collision course for £49
  6. mick3 036.jpg
    one of these............awesome item from bright star......
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  7. You trying to suggest the little girl is collateral? Could be a very interesting nye in your neck of the woods lol!
  8. its a boy mate lol
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  9. Ouch, oops.
  10. royal party diamonds 70sh ,pack of air hawks
  11. Madfish

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    Mine are so far: (Left + Centre + Right)

    1, ? + Moving Target +?
    2, RP California + Silver Crown + Spectacular colours
    3, RP Magic + Crazy + Magic
    4, RP Tivoli + Peacock Tail + Night Burst
    5, RP Salute + Candle Fan + RP Mama Mia
    Finale: SS2, 3x Thunder King, RP Da Capo all topped off with a trio of Mines.........

    Script fired by Cobra to last 2 mins 45 sec with all finale pieces hopefully ending together:D
  12. nice madfish.....
    just picked up OMG by brothers as my finale........with some king and scud silo rockets
    and my few other bits that i mentioned on my new year fireworks stash....
  13. paul s

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    Surely the blue jim jams gave it away - you obviously don't have kids ;)

    Unfortunately, in my case....Kids = Capital Damage.
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  14. 4 kids but colourblind
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  15. paul s

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    Doctor always said 'too much and you'll go blind, son' :eek:
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  16. Agreed!
    Picked up my pyro yesterday(cheers fireworks south wales)
    This is all we could afford but its pleanty for nye i think :) the rp eruption was a freebee aswell, cant complain!

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  17. nice stash mate......