Name that rocket?

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    Saw a few of them tonight and I've no idea what they were, most were sort of recognisable but I couldn't really even take a guess with these other than to say they might have been AF.

    Anyway they had a decent sized, white/silver strobing break and were loud, any ideas?
  2. TGR


    That'll be the new Absoceltstar Thunflashkinghawk then.

    Do I win a prize? ;)
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  3. 1. Whereabouts are you?
    2. What does your closest popular retailer sell?
    3. How big? Compare them to a well known rocket eg Hawk sized, single rocket size, small 30g/40g rocket size.
    4. How high did they soar before they broke?
    5. Where they good?
  4. maxywell

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    Sorry first post was a bit vague. :D
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  5. Do these look familiar?

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