Naming, Shaming and Praising.

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Skydazzle Pyrotechnics, Sep 11, 2004.

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    A while ago we decided to start naming Companies who either dumped on us or went beyond the norm to help.

    Decided to mention these two in this forum as it was non consumer sales.

    First up..... Essex Tubes. Gareth the Sales Manager opened up the factory on a Saturday just for me. He drove to the hotel to meet me Saturday morning, so I could follow him to the factory, helped unload the pallets they were on and load the tubes into the van. 3 pallets don't go into a Transit!! Nice bloke and excellent service!

    Second.......Devco. Mr Shah drove from his home on a Saturday to his magazines a good 40mins drive away so I could collect a few cases of fireworks. His shop was shut and there was no other business he had to do there. Outstanding service and I got a free tour of the site as well.
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    Essex Tubes really know how to stack a pallet - the Flash Boys got a delivery - amazing...see not everything in Essex is shite...

    Meggsy :ph34r:
  3. Skydazzle Pyrotechnics

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    Their use of the M25 motorway signs is interesting.

    All the way around the M25 last night from the M40 they said J30 closed. From J27 on, the signs changed to "accident at J30". So we continued to J30 only to find it bloody closed. Had to then go over the Dartford bridge, pay the toll then turn around and pay the toll for the Dartford tunnel to get back to J30 on the opposite carriageway. Robbing B****ds!!!!

    Saw loads of Essex boys around the back roads of Lakeside in their tarted up cars, quite amusing really.......
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    Essex Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I always guessed they must have their own set of rules. It explains a lot! :D :D :D