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  1. Rob perry

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    So the 5th of November is only 2 weeks 6 days away... And I'm really fucking excited!! Sorry had to share lol
  2. AlanCee29

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    Can't wait either, having my first display on the 2nd and the rest is part of a group display, I'll try get a stash photo up today :D
  3. hofnerite

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    Only 16 days for me, firing on the 1st.
    Then on the 5th I have a cubs 'science of fireworks' talk to do AKA 'get rid of any crappy fireworks I have in the cupboard'.
    Just praying for decent weather.
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  4. Mine is at my father in law as farm probably sat 2nd weather pending that is

    first time cat 3 for years so excited, friends and close family only. Grub and fun to come.
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  5. deans6571

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  6. Should be good fun!
  7. Sat 2nd for me also, again weather permitting.
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  8. PyroAsh

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    26th , 1st , 2nd , 6th and 9th :p
    That should scratch my pyro itch for a while :)
  9. The 2nd seems like everyones choice :)
  10. AlanCee29

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    Yeah I reckon because it's the closest Saturday to bonfire night
  11. 5th for me as i always try and stick to the correct day, weather permitting!
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  12. AlanCee29

    AlanCee29 Supports UKFR

    Need to find out which display I'm going to see for Bonfire night :confused:
  13. Seems like I'm going against the grain somewhat with the 9th. I felt that the 1st & 2nd clashed a bit with Halloween.
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  14. Aiming for the 3rd but all weather pending.
  15. The 9th was my first choice but apparently the pub im doing it for already booked the insurance for the 2nd
  16. fatkat24

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    Diwali is on the 27th Oct Next Sunday, should be pyro central where I am in London :)
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  17. 2nd, 5th, 9th & 10th for us.
  18. I'm hoping to be having my display on the 5th
  19. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    16th for my family get together, haven't even got any pyro sorted yet:eek: I'm sure it will be fine on the night:D
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  20. SteveLX

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    Weather and time permitting I’ll be doing a test fire on the second (just to check all my firing units are working, honestly...), then a small show in my garden on the 5th followed by the main show on the 9th.