New anti-fireworks petition next week

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    It seems yet another new FAB petition will be launched next week.
    Details below are from their *ahem* SECRET FAB Group.

    Currently Julie Doorne and co. are telling their members to join random Facebook groups and add the petitions link and then immediately leave the group. They have over 1000 groups targeted for this. Not sure this is against FB rules, but even if not it's a bit desperate. People either want fireworks banned or not, they don't need to be subjected to spam tactics. But this is how they work - they keep on and on with their emotional stories until people give in and join their club whether they dislike fireworks or not. They use hate against the industry to convince others that fireworks are a genuine threat to their pets which statistics show they really are not in all but a handful of rare cases.

    They have also added names of the full petitions committee and will be emailing them all to persuade them that there is a genuine problem with fireworks in the UK (ignoring all the stats and data that says otherwise)
    I recommend also emailing these if they are MPs for your area to let them know there IS another side to this.

    The Chair and Members of the Committee are:

    FAB are sending emails to the petitions chair IN BULK to convince them to take it to a government inquiry once again. Please do the same but from the other perspective. This has been debated enough in recent years and the outcome from the last inquiry was that they would need to gather more evidence and data before deciding what to do. THIS DATA HAS NOT YET BEEN COLLECTED and therefore no inquiry or debate is needed. The petitions committee may well throw out this new petition on those grounds but if not - the chair needs to be told that until the data and statistics are gathered there is no grounds to warrant a new inquiry that will just go over the same misinformed debate as before. Here are the contact details for the Chair. I strongly suggest that as many of us as possible contact here as soon as this petition goes live.

    Address to Catherine McKinnell, Chairperson, Petitions Committee.

    The new Petitions Committee Chairperson is Catherine McKinnell (Labour) so people might want to send her a polite note pointing out that over 300,000 people signed the fireworks petition before it was prematurely closed down in November and that this is a very important issue for many people. If people don't write it will be side-lined! She seems sympathetc to animal welfare judging by her Parliamentary record. Thanks!

    Remember that for most of these MPs, they will only have ever heard the anti-fireworks stance, because the vast majority of the UK who enjoy fireworks would never have a reason to write to them. They NEED TO HEAR FROM US, from another perspective and with the facts, evidence and stats they need to realise that fireworks are not the problem that FAB claim they are.

    new petition 1.png new petition 2.png
  2. This needs to be reported to Facebook.

    they will get shut down
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    Anyone willing to take on this 'micro task'? :D
  4. scoops

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    Surely she’ll just say that she was worried that her fingers felt funny after contracting Covid 19 and needed to test them out, it wasn’t a serious text or owt:)
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    What a pathetic nutjob she is. Let's all start contacting facebook to get this deplatformed!
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  6. Not only that. The parliamentary commission as it’s a blatant disregard for parliamentary process
  7. Will that woman and her bunch on loonies ever give up?, this idiot needs removing from Facebook permanently and banned from any more contact with the government, with all that is going on at the moment she still keeps banging on the same old pointless message and i'm sure MP's have better things to do with their time!
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    I do find it amusing that everything has to be secret or the details protected within a closed group as if these details are of national importance. They really like to 'big' themselves up from being a moaning mothers group to some sort of national security meeting.

    The sad part for them is it only undermines their own objectives. If fireworks were really the problem they wouldn't have to be doing all this to convince people they are.....

    EDIT: might I suggest we send a copy of her scheme to all the MPs involved.
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    No point reporting it at the moment as their spamming hasn't started yet. I'm sure they will change their tactics when they realise it is against FB policy.
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    ...I've already told her what she can do with her petition on her facebook page.
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    It seems pointless even starting one at this stage, they might get a few thousand signing on the first day but the sigs will just fall away in a week or two.Most people only sign those petitions between mid October and mid November.
  12. Jon

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    draft email I will be sending:

    Dear Catherine McKinnell MP,

    I am writing to you as a concerned member of the explosives industry after a rumour of a 12th petition (within 10 years) could be launched asking for an inquiry into banning fireworks.

    This subject has been debated numerous times and an inquiry only last year cited that more evidence would need to be collected before a change of position by the government would be considered. The British Fireworks Association along with other industry members also gave evidence highlighting a large amount of freedom of information requests they had collected, listing data collected from the emergency services and A&E figures. This evidence showed that fireworks were not an issue as many public services do not even bother collecting data referring to fireworks due incidents being so sparse. Hospital figures also showed that firework injuries pale into insignificance when compared to dog bites or horse riding accidents. I have attached our excel spreadsheet which we collated FOIs into for your own convenience.

    I currently find myself exasperated that the Firework Abatement Campaign have been trying to get another petition debated on this issue. They have done nothing but attack our industry relentlessly for the last 10 years and have never provided any evidence of their accusations. Instead, they rely on hearsay which they propel into carefully woven emotive stories to misdirect individuals to believing in their cause.

    I was appalled to discover today that the lead campaigner (Julie Doorne) has now hatched a plan to spam Facebook and MPs in order to raise the issue of this new petition (please see screenshots below). To me this does not give the impression of a compassionate woman who is desperate for a change in the law due to her own personal suffering. Instead, this is a clear cold blooded attack on the explosives industry which has been schemed by a woman who uses deception to achieve her own goals. Her own post clarifies the fact that she is willing to not only abuse a social media platform but also MPs as well as the Petitions Committee as a whole to further her own agenda.

    I implore you to see reason and not let a manipulative individual waste more MPs time on this matter.
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  13. Think you mean does not, shes definitely not compassionate
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    I'd leave out the 'easily lead individuals' as she might think you're referring to her and other mps.
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    Edited with the above comments.
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    She really is something else isn’t she
    Talk about desperate, F*#k me !!!
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    Isn't it Doorne? Sorry - late to the party.
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  18. TGR


    I have just sent this e-mail to all members of the Petitions Committee plus a few other MPs I have dealing with ;)

    Dear all

    I trust this e-mail finds you all in good health during these troubling and difficult times.

    It has been brought to my attention that the FAB- Anti Firework Campaign, led by Julie Doorne, are once again in the process of manipulating the e-petition process.

    They are intending to start yet another anti-firework campaign. Their latest tactic is to spam social media with the links to the "new" petition and also to inundate you all with a flood of e-mails. We are attempting to get the messages removed from Twitter and Facebook as they contravene their codes of conduct but that is a lengthy process.

    We at the British Firework Association have raised strong concerns about their underhand tactics ( such as encouraging multiple voting, exaggerating figures, and making unsubstantiated or unrelated claims) over the previous petitions and debates and we feel that this latest attempt really is the last straw. We do need positive action to stop the vexatious and damaging assertions they make getting any parliamentary debate time.

    We have provided independently verifiable statistics to counter any and all malicious claims and the last debate concluded:

    "The Government believes the legislation and guidance already in place is appropriate to allow for the safe use of fireworks by the public; therefore, we have no plans to ban private sales."

    Please take time to have a look at the three images below, these are screenshots taken direcetly from her promotional page. This is the sort of malicious and misguided group that we are all dealing with.

    I hope you have the collective will to put a stop to this before it leads to yet another expensive and wasteful debate. It is worth pointing out that the vast majority of the public do enjoy home-use fireworks, they do this safely. At a time of heavy restrictions we really do not want to be considering any further unwarranted reduction on freedom of choice based on the rantings of a vociferous minority.

    Kind regards
  19. In the middle of a pandemic, people are worried about firework sales. Baffling.
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