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Discussion in 'Benwell Fireworks' started by John KH, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. John KH

    John KH Pro Firer/Crew

    Over the few weeks I will start uploading several videos of the new Benwell Fireworks range.
    Hope you enjoy them.

    John Halfpenny
  2. rhydal

    rhydal Supports UKFR

    Hi, could you tell me if the Solar Storm rockets are any good please?
    Local stockists pushing them.
  3. John KH

    John KH Pro Firer/Crew

  4. Chesterfield Fireworks

    Chesterfield Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    Have you considered becoming a site sponsor?
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  5. John KH

    John KH Pro Firer/Crew

    From what I have seen sponsors have retail shops or are display companies, as we are an importer we are not in any of these categories. Some of the sponsors are already customers of ours so any offers would be made by them.
  6. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    John just to clarify. If you are wanting to promote your products or services here, you need to be a sponsor, regardless of whether you retail or not (my PM to you in November 2013 did explain this when you posted links before). I'm sure you appreciate it's not really fair to those who do support UKFR (including other importers) if you're using UKFR commercially but not helping towards the community's running costs.

    Please feel free to PM me if you want details and prices of supporting our site officially. It would be fantastic to have more importers on board and we do have a banner page for those who import and wholesale.
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