New cake board, this time with wheels! :)

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  1. I'm one of those that, for safety reasons, can't set up individual cakes on staked boards and leave them in their firing position until showtime so I've always fixed my cakes to one big board that can be kept safely out of the way and moved into position when needed. Some may remember giving my previous creations nicknames like "the raft" or "the stretcher" :p (see below)

    2017-11-04 12.56.57.jpg
    This year I've gone bigger, and spent this afternoon taking the wheels off my trailer to create a mobile board that will house the majority of my cakes in a safe, secured place that can then be wheeled out (instead of carried, that wasn't fun) at showtime. It's cobbled together using a couple of donated garden gates and plenty of pallet wood, along with one of the sleepers I was given which I used to secure the wheels. It may well go through some tweaks but I think it's an improvement on previous years.


    Any thoughts and constructive criticism is, as always, welcome :)
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    Drainage holes in case in rains a lot:)
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    No I do similar, can’t stake where I fire, so like you , I have fixed boards, that just get carried into position.
    Love the trailor idea !and easy just to throw a tarp over if the weather is truly awful as per last year !!
    I’m thinking a bit like you, using 8/4 boards all ready to go. 1 board per firing module, just lift the whole board into position job done. Just need a few strong volunteers.
    I switched to K9 Amazon bin bags and cable tie, much quicker and cheaper and easier than shrink wrap, and very damp and waterproof, so happily leave out from afternoon until evening,No worries at all,
    The one thing I have noticed over the years , if you build a strong box round each one, normally 9-12mm ply, same height and shape as cake , leaving a 10mm gap round to allow a bit of movement, when Very , very occasionally something goes wrong the blast is contained and causes much less of a hazard.
    Only drawback, is the weight, and the vast amount of 4/2”, ply and screws I get through.
    But they are reusable, again and again etc.
    The only issue is when I keep buying different fireworks, that don’t fit and have to keep making more !!
    But eventually I will end up with a board for every shape , size and brand ever made, so I won’t have to make ever again.
    The issue is as I’m already finding is going through the 80 plus boards to find the one that fits !!! Sometimes quicker just to build a new one :)

  4. I haven't used cling film since my very first year. I just couldn't believe people did it and thought there must be a better and easier way than this! Bought some clear bags from Asda and have used them every since. Takes 10% of the time and is far more protective as you say.

    Those boards and boxes look sturdy af by the way. Good job :)
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    Lowered suspension and a bigger exhaust? :)

    Good work, the pre-assembly of pyro on to boards like this does appeal. I’ve done similar for a small show on a ploughed field which would have been a nightmare to stake and tape on.
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  6. ADR plates?
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  7. :D
  8. i used to use a large wooden crate, it looked a bit like a coffin, then sand bags for other stuff.

    last time out i forgot to damp down the empties, one smouldered and very badly charred the box over night.
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  10. might need to be careful around crematoria......
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  11. Realised I never posted an update to this. Replaced the awkward handles and feet to end up with what can now surely only be called The Cakebarrow :D

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  12. looks very sturdy.
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    That’s ace, love it .
    “The Cake Cart “ ?
    “The Cake Carriage “ :)
    “ Pyro Pushcart “
    “ Display Dolly “
    “ DIY Compound Chariot “
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  14. Looks very sharp - you could harm your legs on the ends of those tubes.
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  15. Good call, think I've got some pipe foam lagging/tubing whatever you call it these days knocking about that I can tape to the ends :)
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    Put the handle in other way, drill a hole through the handle and put a nail/pin through the hole to stop it pulling through the edge
    Get in position, remove nail/pin pull out handle :)