New consumer fireworks championships

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  1. Illusion Fireworks

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    OK so announcing this a little earlier than I had planned!

    We are setting up our own Firework Champions style consumer fireworks competition next summer, we have a venue, we have an event plan. There are finer details that need to be ironed out but essentially Illusion Fireworks would provide three or four teams with a budget of say £1500 and you would fire a show (choreographed to music?) in front of a paying audience (yes it is a commercial opportunity for us) - Illusion fireworks would then provide a closing display and a winner announced. Winning display will be judged by a small panel of professionals.

    This ties in with the launch of our retail business Xplosive Retail (More info soon).

    Obviously we would be relying heavily on the support of UKFR members to enter teams and compete so we would offer discounted / free event tickets, maybe a VIP area? We also plan to have some pretty attractive discounts to offer UKFR members in our shop and will in turn be firmly supporting the forum with sponsorship etc from Xplosive Retail.

    I guess I need to gauge interest initially, without you guys wanting to take part it's a non start, if we can get three teams minimum together I will get the show on the road and gather interest as the forum gets busy over the season. :)
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  2. hofnerite

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    That sounds awesome @Illusion Fireworks . Count me in! I'd definitely be up for doing a display. :)

    Might need a separate event forum Karl. @Pyro Pete
  3. Da Main Mouse

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    That sounds cool mate!
  4. Illusion Fireworks

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    Lets gauge interest here first and take it from there :)
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  5. scoops

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  6. alasdar

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    I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be an issue to get teams to compete!
  7. beeney

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    oh dear I can see the cogs turning already :p:D
  8. beeney

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    but yes sounds like a great idea... Suppose it could create a lot of extra interest in consumer fireworks also
  9. hofnerite

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    Definitely. A proper showcase of what can be done with consumer fireworks. Sounds brilliant.
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  10. danielpyronutter

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    Sounds good to me
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  11. Illusion Fireworks

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    Thanks for breaking this off the other thread Pete and tidying up / giving prominence - when I saw the other thread it seemed like the ideal time to share our plans :)
  12. Pyro Pete

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    This is very exciting news... been lots of interest in a consumer fireworks competition for a long time :)
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  13. If it’s a date that I’m available then count me in, would love to fire a display for a proper crowd :)
  14. hofnerite

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  15. beeney

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    :whistle: you did say friendly competition right
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  16. elmo

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    Is there such a thing:rolleyes:?
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  17. luke

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    Sounds like fun, date dependant I'd be interested in getting a team together.
  18. RocketRev

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    I like the sound of this..... it reminds me of the semi-pro competition event run by MLE years ago. There was a sadness when that came to an end, so I'll look for forward to your venture @Illusion Fireworks. So now I'll have to hope that the date is one I can be free for.
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  19. maxywell

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    £1500 of free pyro to fire... who would say no to that. :D
  20. scoops

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    Bring it on:boxer::D
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