New Date for Las Fallas 2020 - July 15th - 19th

Discussion in 'Las Fallas' started by RocketRev, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. RocketRev

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    News via Las Provincias:

    "With the plant completely stopped since the cancellation of the 2020 Fallas in Valencia due to the coronavirus was announced, the falleras commissions were open to a sea of doubts before a historic decision by both national and regional and local authorities. The Councilor for Festive Culture, Carlos Galiana, has indicated, when almost 24 hours have passed since the fateful moment of the suspension, that the Fallas 2020 will be burned from July 15 to 19."
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    The president of the Fallera Central Board has indicated that the election from July 15 to 19 allows the official calendar of the 2020 Fallas to be "adapted" to the summer month , but this measure must be approved in full in an extraordinary assembly of presidents that will have place next monday.

    Sounds almost promising ;)
  3. elmo

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    I won’t book flights just yet.............:cool:
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  4. Damp Squib

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    Lol...could turn out to be a costly year...but a happy one. I'm going to see if the hotel will transfer the booking to the later dates - just out of curiosity:rolleyes:
  5. Clashes with Cangas del Narcea
  6. Pauld201

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    Can you imagine standing around for hours in the July heat. :eek:
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    I doubt that'll be a problem.
  8. elmo

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    I won’t be going as I’m already away with family in July, and it’s still a long way off as yet, lots can happen
    And have You seen flight prices ?:eek:
  9. Chris101

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    Ryan air will swap my flights for £35 each flight plus the difference.........around £120 in total.
  10. who,s told them it,ll be over by july
  11. Ozzieuk

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    Very true.
    But will it be the same as the March timetable for mascletta. As in every day.
    Or is it rescheduled for all the other parts of Fallas
  12. Dodgey

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    I wonder if all the hotels will transfer bookings? I'm guessing the greedy buggers won't.

    Just moved a Spanish off road trip from April to October. easyJet charged £32 each way. £64 on £190 flights. Not horrific.
  13. Chris101

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    Our apartment has said they will change them just get hold of booking . Com as they do the reservations, he even sent us the new dates, just waiting for booking. to sort it.
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  14. The Big Firework Shop

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    Absolutely :D
  15. Cobra-Con just been rescheduled to 19th-23rd July.

    Mmmmm, London 16th July > Valencia > Cincinati > Seatle > Alaska > Vancover > Calgari > London 11th Aug

    Could be an interesting month! Not sure it will happen though. :(
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  16. Pauld201

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    Can’t see it happening even in July.
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  17. very optimistic i,d say
  18. RocketRev

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    Las Provincias today reported that "a group of scientists from the Multidisciplinary Mathematical Institute (IMM) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia that has set itself the challenge of studying when the peak of coronavirus infection will arrive. These researchers of modeling and quantification of uncertainty recognize that the data is changing every day, but affirm that in the current situation "the peak of infections by Covid-19 could be reached between May 20 and June 6."

    But that's the plateau..... the drop off starts then and by the end of July the number of people ill with COVID-19 is still expected to be higher than right now. And that surely won't be good for holding any event - be it Las Fallas in Valencia or the Olympics in Japan.

    The only way I can see from the calculations for the number of people infected to drop to zero by mid-July is by doing absolutely nothing now - i.e. just left the virus run riot and hit as many as people as possible regardless of whether or not our health services can cope. That'd cause many more deaths, though, quite apart from everything else being totally messed up. The only advantage would seem to be that it'd all be over for the survivors by July / Augus and there'd be enough "herd immunity" to limit any further outbreaks to manageable proportions. Our Governments make their choices and take the consequences - not an enviable position to be in.