New firework most looking forward to?

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  1. trueblue_ips

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    Hello, it's that time of year where I start thinking about new things to fire for BFN.
    Which new items are people most looking forward to getting?
    For me, there are two standout items.

    1) Skycrafter Splitter 910 nec
    Amazing red crossettes and crackling comets.

    2) @Zeus Fireworks Fields of Fire 1500 nec
    Beautifully paced with time to take in each shot without it being too long overall. Lovely mix of colours and willow and blink effects with just the right amount of blink and crackling at the end.

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  2. beeney

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    the Jorge wolf i would be interested in seeing, something different to the normal bangs and whistles.

    have fired the Celtic howling wolf on displays but a shame it was cat4, will be nice to see it as a consumer product
  3. hofnerite

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    Jorge Hokus Pokus

    Zeus/Broekhoff Red and Green Falling Leaves

    Jorge Turbo

    Funke Bl├Ąttertanz

    Any any of the Klasek slices that may come in.
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  4. trueblue_ips

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    Agree Jorge Wolf is on my list too. Something different and fun.
  5. trueblue_ips

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    Really like the Hokus Pokus and Falling Leaves ones too there @hofnerite. A lot of new good stuff this year, I'll probably blow my budget again :rolleyes:

    Those rockets are amazing too. I may have to break my self imposed no rockets rule for them. Are they definitely available in the UK?
  6. hofnerite

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    Well @The Powder Keg Pete is looking to bring them in time for this season. They are 1.4G too! I'll be breaking my no rockets rule too. Not had any for two years.
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  7. Well my list keeps getting bigger, order a few Klasek Signature bits and any of the funke items that I have coming (Especially supernaut 2 and paranoid), although not sure if they are all new this year or not.

    But as above, Hokus Pokus and Turbo from Jorge I need to order.

    That skycrafter Splitter looks good too. Also wanting to order Johnathans Fantabulous and excellence.

    I really need to stop looking at these threads, my budget for the night was over in March and it just keeps getting shattered more and more.
  8. Be interesting to see a landed vid of af game changer to see how it compares to klaseks bigger compounds.
  9. paul s

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  10. trueblue_ips

    trueblue_ips Supports UKFR

    Fireworks do seem to get better year on year.
    Is this down to R&D, cheaper materials? I've still got lots of old fireworks which in their time were amazing but now do look a bit dated. It's the luminosity that seems to improve more than anything else.
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  11. It's the same with most things I suppose, probably the fact that cameras have improved makes a difference to how good they look in vids too.
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  12. K9Girl

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    Zeus Pro Range Silver Spinner to Titanium Thunder Slice
    Zeus Pro Range Silver Spinner to Red Blink
    Zeus Prism
    Zeus Takezo Kensai
    Jorge Hokus Pokus
    Genghis Devils Playground :)
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  13. danielpyronutter

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    Klasek glittering storm
    Klasek signature range new
    Klasek ghost

    Jorge hocus pocus

    Celtic big daddy 2

    Funke supernaugt 2
    Funke paranoid
    Funke glimmer

    Zeus prism

    To name a few
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  14. I am looking forwards to seeing some of the very big 1.3G rockets! :) Brothers "The King" etc.
  15. In facr before I found this site I would have said the opposite. Year on year we picked up stuff, brands like Standard etc, and there didn't seem much "ommph" about it.

    But the stuff I got earlier this year (see my stash thread) was of a much better quality. I am also impressed by the videos.

    So, I think it is down to there being some quality brands sold through specialists.
  16. hofnerite

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    The King is dead - Long live the Primed Supernova.
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  17. danielpyronutter

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    I saw last year's brothers king and it was pretty good at a review night at galactic fireworks, it was fired alongside the primed supernova and strobe.

    Tbh I think it was a little better Although it was dropped off last minute by brothers themselves.
  18. danielpyronutter

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    Think it was this video

  19. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Supports UKFR

    Think it was this video

  20. danielpyronutter

    danielpyronutter Supports UKFR

    Don't like the king was filmed on that day
    It was a really good boom though