New Fireworks Added To Our Bespoke Range

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  1. Hi All, I Hope everyone is keeping well.

    A quick message to update you on the new items that have been arriving recently.

    So last week we had an order turn up which included a range of daytime fireworks.
    Each has 25 shots and fires colourful smoke tails high into the sky leading to the final volley which has a intense crackle mine to it.

    Available in 6 different colours

    daytime fireworks Manchester.PNG 49 shot 30mm firework barrage MLE.PNG

    We also had a range of 36 & 49 Shot 30mm Barrages arrive which included single effect fireworks, with a stunning low noise effects.

    Effects below.

    36 Shots, 30mm - Blue tail spitting special white strobe waterfall

    49 shots, 30mm - Brocade To Colour Horse Tail

    49 shots, 30mm - Red Blink Willow & Silver Blink Bouquet

    49 shots, 30mm - Golden Wave King Crackling Horsetail

    All the smoke fireworks have been added to the website under smoke grenades for now until i have daytime fireworks added and the rest of the firework barrages will be added as soon as possible but if your interested in any send me a PM
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