New Fireworks For 2018

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  1. Well it seems to be starting earlier and earlier as the years pass, but we are already starting to see New fireworks for 2018.
    It looks like 2018 is going to be another stunning year for firework shops looking to stock fantastic fireworks.

    :) Please add more new fireworks as and when you find them :)

    To start with Jonathan's Fireworks who are making positive changes to their selection boxes including longer duration fountains and upgrading the 9 shot barrages to 15 shots. So it is sounding interesting for selection boxes.

    They also have a number of new cakes & barrages that look interesting.

    Pink Princess - 25 shots

    Blue Prince - 25 shots

    Brilliance - 91 shots

    Fantabulose - 25 shots

    Flash Bang Wallop - 49 shots

    Excellence - 49 shots
  2. Interesting looking pieces
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    Love the Blue Prince - apart from Mars Carpet Bomber, there really aren't any blue cakes around now. Blue stars always spread well too, giving a big effect.
    I'm guessing the pink and blue cakes are for that unwelcome American 'tradition' of baby gender reveal? :rolleyes:
    I like the look of those trailing breaks on Fantabulose too. Don't see that often.
  4. Flash Bang Wallop and Excellence look great. Loving the horsetail sections in FBW.
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    Like brilliance and excellence
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    As it's starting earlier and earlier Saj, does this mean your mad March sale will become a frantic February sale? ;)
  7. Not a bad idea :D lol
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  8. Nice new additions. I really like the 25 shotters from Jonathans Fireworks so nice to see some new additions and finally an all pink firework!

    Think you missed one though Saj, below is Ultimate Showdown - 16 Shots:

  9. Interesting re. Selection boxes Saj.

    I'll be following with great interest.
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  10. There is more of a detailed up date in selection box's

  11. Proof will be when they land and fired I guess but hoping for the best. Talking about selection boxes I have had a very interesting box from Absolute Fireworks ( @absolutefireworks ) dropped of to try out. Looks interesting with a few cakes in it including some 20 shot cakes.
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  12. Don't think Johnathen is the kind of guy to try to kid anyone. But as you say time will tell. It will be the first interesting thing AF have come up with in years if it is, except the left overs from RP that is.
  13. No I wouldn't like to think Johnathan would KID anyone lol. A very decent person imo but what happens in production in China as we all know can be different to what is requested at times. Goes for all brands.

    :eek: Bloody hell, where have you been. pmsl ... To many holidays Peter must of missed Zero To Sixty, Candy Flies, Claymore, Grounds For Divorce are just a few decent fireworks. :chair:
  14. Just don't like AF saj, `Pelle was a friend. And well there's other agenda but not for here
  15. I'm saving it for spring fair m8
  16. Ah ... ok ... can't comment on the politics as im not privy but I can't say that dont have some decent fireworks. Also some great stuff for 2018 from what im hearing.
  17. Might pay a visit myself this year.
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    I'm there Sun to Tuesday - you buying the coffee.:whistle:
  19. No probs ;) Just got to find you in the maze lol
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    If you're buying Then I'll find you! :D
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