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  1. paul s

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    That's exactly the issue.

    I'm fortunate enough to be able to stock and supply at my own will. (Although I wouldn't want to sell it to the GP as a one off, but as part of a few hundred pounds display pack........:cool:)
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  2. Pyromania

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    Ah OK, I didn’t realise CE didn’t take fallout into account - it was the huge spread that made me think it wouldn’t pass the test - but if it’s doable, I’m sure a few on here would buy!

    As you say, ‘coming to a back garden near you...!
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    These look nice @The Powder Keg! ;)
    Maybe an alternative for those who moan about the DB SS!

  4. Trouble is they do make a sound, wish they had called them low sound, as no sound implies just that and they aren’t.
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  5. F7FAA8B7-C469-4E4E-94B2-E7417CCF1D7D.jpeg I got an e mail today, anyone ever seen anything like these around, when visiting factories etc E16CFC50-6BD5-4D11-A666-55181C60F5E3.jpeg
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    Wow, never thought I'd see this available commercially! Not sure it's a great idea. o_O
    I tried it once - got some 00 grade steel wool in a bundle on a length of wire, lit it up and spun round. Really impressive but plenty of hot fallout!
  7. U just light the wool, no powder added ?
  8. Surely it can’t be legal, stupid idea imo
  9. hofnerite

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    Yep. Not illegal but fairly dangerous!

  10. Bonkers
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  11. danielpyronutter

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    Lol, yanks ay
  12. I don’t remember seeing that on Blue Peter when I was a kid..!?!? :confused::D
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    The one I burnt myself earlier with...
  14. absolutefireworks

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    To the best of our knowledge the current regulations do restrict the amount of fallout - "No burning or incandescent matter shall fall to the ground more than 1,0 m (category F1), 8,0 m (category F2) or 15,0 m (category F3) from the testing point when tested in accordance with EN 15947-4:2015, 6.12." so although older regs stated that burning material should not come down below a certain height and new regs say "to ground", there still is a requirement for fallout restrictions.
  15. So am I right in thinking that an F3 cake cannot have material burning within 15m of the ground, I.e. 50 ft ? Because if that is the case half the stuff I saw fired at the original tits night would fail, plus how’s that work for an F3 mine ? :canofworms::canofworms::canofworms:
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  16. It is 15m distance from the firework hence a 15m safety distance.
  17. absolutefireworks

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    The regs state no burning material to ground more than the stated distances, so material on the ground inside a 15m radius on an F3 product is compliant. When it falls to ground outside that radius then it fails. The same would apply for an F3 mine, inside 15m radius on the ground ok, outside it will fail. The 15m distance is stated on F3 because that is the minimum safe distance for the person lighting the firework...wouldn't be good for them to get showered in burning stars!
  18. Thank you AF for the clarification, so half the stuff fired was illegal then.
  19. absolutefireworks

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    Couldn't possibly comment, wasn't there and don't know the circumstance surrounding the product and firing locations. There are numerous variables that have to be considered when testing, which is why they are specified in the test procedures. Just because effects come down to ground outside the prescribed distances on a particular night or location doesn't mean it would necessarily fail the test defined in EN 15947-4:2015.
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