New Fireworks for 2020

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  1. Just out in China with Celtic Fireworks, lots of new products coming your way. This is one of many new products for 2020.
    Thunder Struck.
  2. hofnerite

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    Get Chris drunk and get him to bring some 3" mines and single shots in Wayne! ;)
  3. Cat 3 Wayne ?
  4. Cat 3 mate :) same factory that make the dump cakes and motherload.
  5. Very nice indeed
  6. danielpyronutter

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    Quite lovely
  7. Can it be compounded
  8. Double it’s size with a Brexit to start one in the middle and one to Finnish
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  9. What’s app Wayne
  10. Tinderbox

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    No crackle either. Nice.
  11. A lot of flash in that
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  12. New from Funke, these pack quite a punch for a small single stage rocket!
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  13. Those Funke rockets look very pokey for size.
    Love the packaging too :cool:
  14. What great lovely little rockets
  15. How much are they worth guys please ?
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  16. These are also very nice
    Crackling tail and a good burst
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  17. How on earth have they got that double burst from 20g NEC! They are awesome and I know many aren't a fan of crackles but I love the double effect, should imagine they would be a hoot in a volley.
  18. £20rrp?
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  19. Around £15 - £20 would be a fair price.
  20. Pablos pyro

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    This is the first time I’m actually liking a crackle on a rocket. Great little rockets.