New Fireworks Landed In Manchester & Sunday Opening Times

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    As we nearer to Bonfire Night we thought we give you a update as we all know before we know it November 5th will be upon us.
    Well it seems with each year that passes, more and more new fireworks are arriving into the UK. I personally feel we should be very grateful to all the importers for the amount of effort and hard work that is put into importing top quality fireworks each year. It's not easy!

    After another week full of deliveries and updating the website, I have plenty to tell you about, below you will see all the new fireworks that have landed. I bet you can not guess which one I'm going to start with ;)

    Lightning Strike
    Lightning square.jpg
    This 100 shot beauty is from our Prestigious Pyrotechnics range.
    For anyone that has not seen this in the flesh, get one while you can. A punchy firework with a great noise level and bursts that completely fill the sky.
    It has been very popular to date and I look forward to the next few fireworks in the range arriving next year.

    Primed Pyrotechnics
    Tequila_Slammer_primed_pyrotechnics_mines.jpg Primed Pyrotechnics.jpg Glittering Prize.png

    Primed Pyrotechnics have once again done a great job this year.
    Great new mines, Supernova Strobe Rockets, Wizard Of Oz and new selection Boxes.
    I have never seen mines the size of these from Primed Pyrotechnics, great big bursts with great effects.
    Supernova rockets have once again been stocked up on after selling out early in the year. Stunning rockets that will definitely make your firework party stand out

    Celtic Fireworks
    Mish Mash.jpeg Mish Mash x 3.jpg Spin Doctor 1.jpg

    On Top of all the other amazing fireworks from this brand you now have Mish Mash & Spin Doctor
    Mish Mash has already been selling well from the day it landed. If you like a good mix of effects and a decent duration this is the one for you. Packed with great great colours and loud bursts

    Spin Doctor is a stunning low noise firework with turbine spinners

    Absolute Fireworks

    tf0914-groundsfordivorce.png Absolute banner.jpg tf0523-backyardbattles.png

    We have a great range from Absolute this year and looking at more going forward
    Grounds For Divorce & Noisy Neighbours are sure to sell this year so snap them up quick :)

    We also have lots a stock arriving from the following

    Klasek Fireworks
    Jonathan's Fireworks
    Zeus Fireworks