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  1. pyroplayer

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    Hey everyone!

    I am potentially going to start a team working on a new state of the art visual fireworks show designer, as there is a big gap in the market at the moment, given the changes to Finales business model.

    I think we can cater for everyone from Hobbyists up to Pro companies and make it affordable for everyone.

    Looking to launch a Kickstarter in January 2019, we've got a ton of ideas and really new concepts that we think will make everyones lives a lot easier when designing shows. More juicy details will be available then!

    I've already ran this past @Pyro Pete, but I'd love to get some feedback from the community, you guys could really help shape where we go with this!

    There is a quick survey here:

    It only takes a few minutes to complete and I'd be eternally grateful :)

  2. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR'll definitely get my backing - I'm an avid kickstarter backer and something like this is right up my street!

    Hope you get all the funding you require.

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  3. hofnerite

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    Would love to see a reasonably priced version for Joe Public including maybe a wikipedia style effects library that anyone can use to recreate real-life products.
  4. pyroplayer

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    Definitely, we'll be aiming to make it super easy to make your own effects and if we get our way, we'll have all the products from the major brands (including cat2/3 retail) already included. Loads of exciting things planned :)

    What your cat 2/3 show and generate the purchase order sheet based on the best retailer deals available/nearest to you....:eek:...maybe...:D
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  5. hofnerite

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    Good on paper but in reality I'm not sure that would work too well. We all get better deals than advertised for example and not one single supplier stocks it all.

    An open-source inventory of Cat2/3 including NECs etc would be amazing though.
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  6. Dynamite Fireworks

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    Very interested to see the scope of how this ends up.. Still can’t quite understand the model Finale are going down if I’m honest. Intrigued to see how it rolls though!
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  7. Pyro Ed

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    I'd support this, but only if the goals were sensible and practical to begin with.
  8. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR about an IOS app to partner the web interface?!
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  9. pyroplayer

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    Thanks for all the responses! Some great insights that are really helping shape where we go with this project.

    As a small thank you, here is a sneak peak at what we've been working on this week to help prove the technology is feasible. And yes, this is running in a web browser at 60fps ;) More info soon...

  10. pyroplayer

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    Good news! This new product is now called SimplyPyro and the Kickstarter campaign for it is launching tomorrow evening at roughly 7pm GMT.

    Check back here around that time and I'll be posting the link here first. There will be some great discounts available for early backers, so get in quick if you want an amazing deal :)

  11. AtomFireworks

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    Perfect timing with showsim going to shaft it's customers soon!
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  12. deans6571

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    ...definitely getting my backing and glad you've gone with Kickstarter as opposed to Indiegogo!!
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  13. How come?
  14. Illusion Fireworks

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    I don’t see the fuss, I have never used visual simulation to design a show, the simulation takes place in my minds eye using my knowledge of the product.

    Is the worry because with some systems it’s the only way you can script ie do some systems not have their own scripting software?

    I know lots of people use simulation for fun, not everybody gets the opportunity to design and see a show.

    @pyroplayer the simulation video looks fantastically realistic :)
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  15. deans6571

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    As a noob to wireless systems, I would definitely see the benefit of this as the wireless system I have recently acquired (32 cue) does not have its own scripting software and I'm only aware of one other piece of software which does something similar (FWSIM)....
  16. Dodgey

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    I've used software from the start - I guess its what you are used to. I particularly like that way I can structure the costs. As all my products have a price I can build a finale first , then I know how much left I have to spend on the rest of the show. Or, I can see the cost acumulating as I design a show, and I can see if I need to back off, or plough ahead with more.

    I also really value designing a show and then watching it again and again, and tweaking what I think works and what doesn't.

    Horses for courses. Plenty in the trade i know do it in their heads / spreadsheets.

    I don't think any firing system "requires" design software. They just want scripts.
  17. All competition is good in this space. If nothing else, it might help reduce the price for the software you like.
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  18. gareth71

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    Well, this could be an interesting project! Personally, I'd love to find a reasonable firework simulator/designer which is scaleable, and would be affordable for the occasional user as well as powerful enough for the frequent professional user when required. I personally would be looking for something which incorporates the main product catalogues from the UK's major importers and which I could use to improve my product knowledge as well as very occasional bits of real-world design work - Finale just doesn't seem interested in any purchaser who doesn't have many hundreds of pounds to commit, both initially and on an ongoing basis.
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  19. pyroplayer

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    The SimplyPyro Kickstarter has just gone live! You can find it here:

    Highlights of interest for UKFR:
    • Limited number of Hobby Editions for as low as £59 for first year

    • Limited number of Pro Editions for as low as £299 for first year
    All rewards get you early BETA access!

    Kickstarter is all or nothing, so I’d really appreciate any help with spreading the word in the wider industry!

    Any questions just ask :)
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