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    I am looking at a new firiing system, l have used the WPS system with no problems at all, but the Cobra seems to be on the ball with more updates and features, like mesh etc.
    I have been waiting for the launch control pro, but that’s like rocking horse s##t, it’s only been three years or more in the making and still no news
    Just one word answer would be fine,
    Cobra or WPS ?
    Thanks in advance
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    Cobra all the way. I've been borrowing a system for the last few years and just bought myself a set. I've never used any of the other "pro" systems but I've only ever seen that Cobra does everything that other systems can do and more as well as incredible customer support, constant upgrades and add-ons and a robust system.
    The biggest seller is that they look after their customers like no other company I have ever seen. Great community of users too and the products hold their value very well. No brainer for me.
    Any company where the MD gives every customer his personal mobile number is worth its weight in gold.
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  3. Firetek.
    Check out my pic.
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    Whilst i do have several (7) Cobra modules, it is my backup system and used maybe twice a year. Still only using PP3 but it works if you keep abreast of what condition your batteries are in. Other battery modes are available now. Fair play to Scott he is contactable at crazy times and willing to give you his time.

    Never used WPS but have played with a WPS tinymote.

    Launch Control. Not sure why it's so rare as I've had a play with it a year ago and again earlier this year when I was sat next to a shelf full of gear. Have you contacted the supplier recently?

    FireTEK is my prime system. The recent firmware upgrade to 6.3 this month has given it a whole slew of extras along with changing the text on a few screens to be more intuitive. For me the long awaited feature was the ability to do channels like cobra can have all modules on channel 1. No more cat 5 splitters. We did this for the first time last weekend where all the modules bar one were not line of site.
    Here is a quick run down of what it has.
    • Timecode generation in realtime for output to other equipment
    • Timecode input
    • GPS for accurate time display and remote firing to set time
    • Bluetooth for manual firing a module (optional) or checking the cues on a remote
    • 433mhz palm remote for manual firing a module (optional)
    • two wire trigger input for manual firing a module/modules
    • external battery input as standard on all modules in case the internal is low
    • A very good remote/master controller (FM-99s) for manual firing and interfacing with computer to load scripts - as used at Ragley Hall Sept 2017 - 1686 cues.
    • Audio playback as standard on the (FM-99s) in both MP3 and WAV format. - as used at Ragley Hall
    • DMX output over wireless for those flame rigs (optional). Just mix the commands into your firing script.
    • manual fire sequences and fire sequences concurrently on the same module. Script required to be loaded first.
    • NEW - create scripts from the remote (FM-99s), even tell a module to block out whole rails of gear before firing starts. Useful if you have rails of brocade that need to be removed due to wind change. Can even block individual ports from firing.
    • NEW - store script in remote to download to modules at a later date. No laptop required on site.
    • NEW - use multiple FireTEK systems at the same site. Now I can go over the 99 module limit :)
    • It floats and is waterproof with the lid open (48s model only)
    • 1000th of a second time accuracy. More accurate than the igniters we use
    • Facebook message support is fast and so far everytime, my queries have been sorted
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    I have used both systems and both have their pros and cons. Cobra for me was reliable and expandable but as an amateur the cost per cue was high. I didn't like the scripting software which was my main reason for switching. WPS I currently have 2 pro modules one of which was bought 2nd hand.i like the pyro ignition control software.Cost per cue is very low in firing system terms. But on the biggest display I have done I had a catastrophic failiure with the 2nd hand module . Turned out to be a dry joint on the power switch but it caused huge problems with the display. In saying that the module i have bought new has been great. If I had to buy them again as an amateur I would still most likely go the route of WPS as you get so much more for your money.
    I will be upgrading to a new system later this year but the WPS system will be a sturdy back up.
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    We are firmly in the Cobra camp, yes it is not the cheapest system per cue but the flexibility, expandability together with wireless mesh connectivity means it works superbly and if you connect it to a tablet the visibility and control you have of the display is awesome. Have not used WPS so cannot comment on any differences.
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  7. We use firetek I’m as thick as **** and I can use it with no difficulties. Great support from firetek in Romania and there uk agents Cotswold fireworks. But ultimately the question of what firing system to buy is down to what YOU want/like/need go have a play with a few and make up your own mind.
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    fireTEK has all features you can find in any other firing systems from the market like: wireless mesh (already available from 5 years), Time code, DMX, GPS, communication via 2 wire but fireTEK has more... much more.

    If you say your system it is flexible this means you do now know what fireTEK can do:
    Your firing modules from your system can:
    1. be used without a remote even for a pyromusical show? It possible remote just did not start and you do not have a back up or you just want to make 2 shows in the same time but even you have enough modules you do not have enough remotes because costs a lot and you need it 2 times per year. fireTEK firing modules can do it.
    2. act as a remote
    and control via wireless and/or 2 wire other firing system? fireTEK firing modules can do it.
    3. act as an Audiobox
    with any Android device attached on USB? fireTEK firing modules can do it and the android application it is free of charge.
    4. act as an intelligent stepper and can be controlled from any other firing system? using external trigger connected to a channel fireTEK firing modules can do it.
    5. controlled without a remote from: Computer software via USB, Android application via USB or Bluetooth, External player via time code, any other firing system via external trigger, Panel buttons, Time trigger via GPS time? fireTEK firing modules can do it.

    When you say your system it is advanced, are you sure it can?
    - real time detect and error reporting without pressing any buttons? Take a look:

    - guarantee 100% fire even on wireless with minimum checklist? (we pay compensations up to 10000 USD if not)
    - control reliable wireless (not like wireless DMX transmiters/receivers) and fully automatic/semiautomatic any DMX device?
    - be controlled via Time code or even generate Time code?
    - be fully controlled via USB from a free Android application or computer software. You can even play the music on Android or computer.
    - have GPS time accuracy and GPS Time trigger?
    - can detect in real time the current need it for an igniter to fire and based on this adjust also in real time the pulse duration ?
    - offer 5 years warranty for any electronic failure?
    - technical support available 24/7 on my personal phone number

    Do you know we have released in the last 2 years new modules, functions and features which are promised by others from years. All releases are fully compatible with older versions?
    Do you know to make an update firmware on a fireTEK device you need an USB cable, a computer with windows and maximum 30 seconds?
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    Does Firetek have an effect on your bold style because whenever you mention it suddenly words start becoming bold? (oh it happens to me too, how weird)

    Cobra is good too!
  10. fireTEK

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    Sorry I was still editing
  11. Dodgey

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    I have a 500 cue Pyrosure system, which works great.

    I am now using a Cobra system (189 cues) unless I need more cues, then I use Pyrosure. With Cobra, apart from the mesh networking, which really is a must now, the real show stealers are the tablet app/controller, and the fact you need NO wires. Just mods. Speeds up site derig no end, and no things/cables/slats to forget.
  12. Charlie

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    Cobra all the way here and have never looked back.
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  14. Really depends on 1. your budget & 2. the type of shows you do.

    I have a WPS based system - primarily centred around the 24 cue 'Hobby' field modules although I do have a couple of the 144 cue Pro modules I can call on if necessary. This is brilliant for what I do. The 24 cue modules are completely wireless and cable free. (Pro modules are wireless but use 'network' cables and slats to connect the pyro). With flexible power supply options and protective cases included it is incredibly cost effective per cue. Ivars at WPS also offers excellent customer support.

    If you need to do music shows and not wish to take a laptop out in the field then Cobra has the option of a separate audio box although I understand WPS have this in development.

    If your shows are likely to be at difficult sites where for example there are line-of-sight issues then the latest Cobra version with MESH may help overcome signal strength problems & avoid the need to run wired connections.....
  15. Dodgey

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    Firetek is amazing. End of.
  16. Of course I’m gonna say Cobra every time.

    Happy to chat with you & send out a demo kit to play with if your interested.

    Pm me.


    Ps, you’ll be seeing over 120 mods in action at southport this year, go cobra.
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  17. Some lead, others follow.
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    Cobra!!! Bloody love it. We’ve been using it for over 5 years now and not a single glitch...amazing bit of kit, super reliable and the best after sales service ever!!
  19. ive always downloaded scripts directly from the pc onto the 48sx using the firetek show designer. the above video suggests the scripts can be downloaded onto the remote 99sx and then from the remote to the modules.
    have I got that correct?