New gemstone stock looking good for this year

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    The RRP's have always been a joke eg £400 for a cake lol Just compare what else you could buy for £400 like eg a washing machine which obviously has far more material content, plus enginearing / manufacure PLUS it's logistic cost is way higher having a far greater cube than said compound.....
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  2. Not all RRPs are to rip of the of the average Joe pal ;)
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    Sorry buddy. Let me Rephrase my words most definitely not all RRPs are here to rip off the public. For example you wouldn’t see any in flattered RRPs on your premium brands i.e primed, hallmark, klasek, prestigious pyrotechnics etc etc but when it come to your lower bands the RRPs are through the roof and mostly definitely out to rip off the average Public
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  4. I agree with this and know a fair few brands that do that and really I think it's to make it seem like the joe public are getting a good deal with slogans like 50% off rrp but it is a rip off and in the end is done for profit which although I see the point of, do not think is necessary and the right thing to do.
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  5. Pls name the two fireworks your talking about, no point being vague ?? If it’s some stupid brand then I can accept your price, mainstream no chance, btw what you paid they are probably worth.
  6. So, have you and Idea what goes into making a large compound compared with your quote washing machine ? No you haven’t ,I guarantee that said compound take at least 5 times the man hours compared to a robot made mass produced washing machine, shipping x 300% storage x 1000% so think before you speak because plainly you know fuck all about fireworks , build cost, shipping costs , storage costs , or selling costs , do you ?
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    Can't say I pay much attention to rrp. I think most people on here who have used pyro for a number of years can make a reasonable guess as to what a piece is worth to them and whether they think it's a good deal or not without looking at rrp's.
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    Matrix madness and groundshaker didnt say anything about it being mainstream
  10. I don’t believe you.
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    now boys calm down, don,t let it get into a slinging match,:(
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    I'll post my proof then ill stop replying you don't have to believe me that's up to you but I don't see a point in lying about it..
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    Were a couple of sponsors not doing matrix madness for around £120 last year, doesn't seem like that much of a stretch for somebody to have it at £105.
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    i think @Chorlton Fireworks or @Fireworks Shop had it at that price
  16. Wayne did it as price match because of boomtime I know that it’s cost £85 plus vat so if someone wants to sell it for that up to them, personally I don’t believe it was sold for that and the rrp was £399 so he didn’t say he paid £105 he said the £399 item was £90 so basically sold at a loss, great business model, oh and the part owner of gemstone told me “ serving boomtime has trashed our brand” the rrp’s will never recover, just like brothers with latiff’s and that’s what would have happened to primed.
    No one unless it’s a front for other dodgy incomes can sell items at a loss.
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  17. Is this the right room for an argument?
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    Lol, actually I do ... I have a life long interest in the subject from childhood, grade A, O and A levels in Chemistry, plus physics and a degree from a very prestigious uni in physics... I have copies of some of the clasic books on the subject of pyrotechnics eg Fireworks principles and practice by rev ronald lancaster. I am trained with Cat4 and have worked for a pro display company, competant on fusing and have sufficient technical knowledge to design and build a fireing system from scratch so very comfortable with using firing systems, owning 2 myself. I have won several competitions not as a team but as a solo operator, been making my own "compounds" for years by fusing comercial components etc. I have also been a member of this forum for over 20 years. So obviously, as you say knowing nothing about me : "I know fuck all about fireworks" ... pmsl !

    Also I do know a little about international trade and logistics having worked at director level in a global capacity for DHL for many years. I am also a fellow of the chartered institute of logistics and transport so clearly what would I know about shipping and storage etc.

    Regarding selling costs I know all about this too as I have a friend who runs a retail shop - I was his business partner and ran the display side.

    As far as the manufacturing side goes I have been making them since child hood and am very widly travelled and have seen a lot. The raw materials ARE DIRT cheap - paper, glue, clay and powders as is the labour to assemble them.

    Dunno why yoy would want to lambast me in such a manner, I have always been a big fan of the products you import, especially the Klasek stuff.

    Anyway, perhaps it is you that should think before you speak because personally i think you just made a right tit of yourself, but I wont hold it against you
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  20. Thought you would pop up if there was an argument lol :p:chair:
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