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    So I’m not jealous at all that the bossman had involvement building and firing part of the Ras Al Khaimah NYE.

    84261F86-6D80-492E-A496-AB15E26B639A.jpeg 8F84DAB5-6FBE-402A-92A8-553968FC96AF.jpeg ADF4B827-3B5E-4772-8693-78F8410C1505.jpeg 557CD0B4-827B-4EC9-A8E6-BC9EEB39C22C.jpeg
  2. Even though I live in the UAE I couldn't make it to this one annoyingly, and also missed the last time they did a guiness record on the Palm in Dubai. Never seems to match up with my schedule!
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    Anyone know where the 24" shells came from?
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    They get manufactured on site.
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    Thanks - now that's an option I hadn't considered :rolleyes:.
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    The one the year before was a challenge also....

    That 9 ton 1500mm mortar goes down a further 7 metres...

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