1. Hi just a quick question my laptop is dead and been looking for new one.
    A friend has a chromebook and seems much quicker soooo wondering if I can run finale 3d on a chromebook or is the fact it's all in the cloud thingy make a chromebook no good for that.
    Anyone have one and run finale? What's your veiws
  2. hofnerite

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    A Chromebook is just basically a Chrome browser. You can do everything on one that you can in a browser on a PC. Not a lot else. You can't install 3rd party software but you can install Google apps.
  3. OK
  4. Sooo that buggers that idea will have to be a new Windows or similar thing then cheers hofnerite
  5. After years of refusing to buy Apple I recently switched to a Macbook and changed the office over to iMacs

    My life is now much easier.....I will never go back.
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  6. gareth71

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    At risk of turning this into a Mac fanboi thread - I'd agree with the above post! I switched to a Macbook laptop about 13 years ago, and switched my office PC for an iMac a couple of years after that - I'd never go back. I still have a Windows 7 laptop sitting in a cupboard for the rare occasions that I need to do something with a piece of software which doesn't have a Mac version, and my partner and daughter both have Windows laptops - and to be honest, whenever I have to do something on Windows these days I find it the most frustrating experience.

    That said, not everyone can justify the ridiculous expense of going Apple! My daughter got a new laptop last year, and we looked into Chromebooks for her - she's going to university later this year, and good though it is, ChromeOS just didn't cut the mustard for that. So we went with Windows 10 - which, having spent some time setting it up for her, really doesn't seem like that much of an improvement over the Windows 7 OS which is on the other two Windows laptops in the house.
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    Another vote for Apple, the current bottom of the range MacBook Air is very powerful and often discounted on Amazon (mine's happy with video editing and it's not the latest more powerful M1 version). My switch to Apple was more about ergonomics, I struggle with most Windows laptops trackpads, Apple's are very high quality. You get used to the lack of ports though do build up a collection of dongles.

    The OP mentioned a Chromebook, I actually like these because as he says, they're quick, ideal for browsing and if you're entrenched in the Google app ecosystem but as @hofnerite says not the same as a Windows/Mac OS system.
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    I recently bought a new battery for my 10+ year old HP laptop (yes @Shockwave Pyrotechnics , it's still going strong). Not a cheapo eBay battery but a proper one for 45 quid. Just putting it out there :).

    Having said that, the new desktop PC build I did last year turned out to be the perfect host for a "Hackintosh". I have a dual boot system and can boot into Windows or the very latest version of Big Sur, all hardware (BD writer, sound card, high end AMD graphics etc) supported with a Hackintosh spec that would cost you thousands to buy as an equivalent from Apple. All in the name of seeing what all the Apple fuss is about - I still hate macOS but at least I know how to use it now!
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    I'm still putting em to good use too mate :)

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