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    Good evening all,
    I’m newly signed up to the forum so thought I’d say hello and introduce myself.
    Firstly though I’d just like to say what a great site this is - so much knowledge being conveyed in a friendly atmosphere- a great credit to all!!
    Fireworks have always been a great love of mine right back to my early childhood. Throughout the 90’s I had some great times doing a good number of professional displays for my friend’s pyro company and we had several enjoyable trips to the firework festival in Valencia.
    Over the years I’ve accumulated a few vintage fireworks and advertising related pieces (amongst a vast number of other collectibles!!!) and with the need for downsizing looming the time for thinning out has sadly now arrived. This forum struck me as the obvious starting point for the rehoming process so I will be putting them up in the For Sale section shortly.
    Best wishes to you all,
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    welcome along :D
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    Welcome along. Thanks for the kind comments and for supporting the site with a donation :)
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
  7. It certainly is. :) I was a little nervous before joinging, thinking it would be very specialist , but I love the atomsphere here and have found it really helpful, i did such a good bonfire show last year with good advice and preparation.
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    Welcome. :)
  9. hello and welcome