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    Hi all,
    Thought it was about time I said hello to everyone after lurking in the background for a few months now. Even tho I have direct messaged a few member, all which have been very helpful with replies. This is my first proper forum post.

    I found the site just after BFN last year and was just browsing at first before becoming a member early this year. I’ve discovered brands like Celtic, vivid and many other top brands. Ohh and can’t forget about Prestigious Pyrotechnics . I’ve learned about stake, tape, waterproof and all about setting up for a display style show. I’ve really enjoyed reading all the guides, hundreds of old and new forum posts and checking the site out everyday( yes I’m hooked )

    I’ve found myself a local sponsor, only a hour away from me. Which is Saj at Chorlton fireworks, who is a great bloke, very helpful when I went up to meet him before all this corona started here.

    This year I’m planning on doing a full display for the first time just for friends and family. So as you can imagine it’s a big step for me in pyro this year. Now it’s time to decide whether to hand light it all with a friend, which was the plan. Or invest into a firing system

    Looking forward to reading and hopefully contributing to future forum posts.
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    Welcome along, nice intro :)
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    Saj is a top guy and will see you right, and your right he is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, I've ordered plenty of gear of Saj and have even been into the shop twice and I'm from London lol.

    Welcome to the forum mate.

  5. Told you its not that bad ...... :) Its more a Welcome into the light rather than the forum lol :welcome:

    You will be having one hell of a display for sure ;)
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    :welcome: & snap, Saj was my first friend made in consumer Pyro sales. Invited to a meet up in Manchester, handed a black bag of freebies, introduced to “George “ and his amazing lamb and met the “rev” and others who I’d class as mates from that point on. From there my pyro life took off, literally :D
    Get ready for the buzz of your life.....
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Aaaah you made it! :)
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  9. Welcome mate. Saj @Chorlton Fireworks is a real gentleman. First dealt with him last year and have a order with him this year. Also Prestigious Pyrotechnics are (in my opinion) Some of the best fireworks you can buy still got some of the dirty dozen barrage pack and a white spirit put away.
    And if I was you definitely hand light your display with your pal. ;)
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    Yeah I do watch your stash videos on YouTube. Good job I’ve got quite a few from his range then. Also tornado and against all odds but that’s under fab fireworks.
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  11. Thank you much appreciated. Yes I have to admit I am a fan for punchy cakes.
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    It’s good to see you have finally made your first post!

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