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  1. Hi anyone know current prices for optiracks or similar did message optimum but guessing they're away from office :rolleyes:.
    Or open to suggestions for other metal racking systems. Cheers guys hope all well :D
  2. cooperman435

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    Howdy! I’m in Germany at the moment but home for a bit this weekend and the Mrs just told me of your email so will send you a reply with my number etc. Just drop me a WhatsApp or call and I’ll do whatever I can to help yep

  3. OK great thanks Phil sorry to disturb your sausage and bier ;) just after prices though as need to replace my ageing kit :donttellmrs:
  4. cooperman435

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    No problem at all, I’m working on the railways here during covid but gearing up for uk work very soon and need racks myself too so extras can go in the group building session
  5. Done Fettling

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    Fetch some Zink Rockets back with you..The full fat ones if you can ;):)
  6. Another option is the PyroQuip System which is not too disimilar from the Optirack System.
    Not sure about how they compare in price though....
  7. Charlie

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  8. We have a neat rack system available if you are still interested. PM me if so.