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  1. We're working to make a version of our custom built show management system available to the fireworks industry.

    MyPyro is all or any of these to a professional firework company...

    * Website with Android and IOS apps
    * Online stock control system
    * Customer CRM / enquiry manager
    * Display management system
    * Crew management system - invite and allocate to displays
    * H&S aid (PPE, van checks, rack checks etc)
    * Training and shows fired log
    * Powerful chat system between admin/office staff and crew
    * Per display - crew private WhatsApp style chat function
    * Secure, private data

    We've several companies who have expressed interest, and before release we'll have one of the UK's leading firework insurers involved in scoping the H&S / crew side.

    Pricing is set to be £30 / month for all features.

    If anyone is interested, please get in touch -
  2. Risk Assessment module...

    RA module.jpg
  3. Matthew Tosh

    Matthew Tosh Pro Firer/Crew

    Interesting idea for tackling a dynamic/on-site RA rather than carting a folder around, however I can see a potential issue if you lose power or your battery dies. What backup mechanism would there be for rapid access to essential RA information whilst on site? And what if you don't have a good signal and are offline?

    I am no Luddite; but I am cautious of putting critical information into an app/online solution when on site. An analogous example is in TV and radio news; paper scripts are still printed as a backup to AutoCue/on screen scripts.
  4. Good questions Matthew.
    The app has an offline mode with resync and because every crew member will have it there is a good chance that someone will have a phone with them.
    We made some very good progress this week working with one of the UK's leading insurers. Some very strong value in this management system for H&S obligations.

    Here is another screenshot...
    pre-show safety app.png


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  5. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    In this instance ensuring your phone is charged would be not different to ensuring the firing system has power. Our procedures state that crew should have a charged phone in case of emergency on site. Not that it solves the signal issue but as Mat suggests - information is still viewable in an offline mode :)
  6. Taken from the software specification, at a very fundimental level, here are 3 things the app must do:

    Record GPS location against actions (e.g. RA completed),
    Ability to add photos to show at as many points as possible,
    Offline mode (no data)

  7. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Really liking the look of this :),
    some very use full features which will be easilly documented onsite and probably easier to amend this way via the app rather than the pen/paper method
  8. Update:

    The team have been working hard on this and we're around 50% through the implementation. I've setup a new company to handle this project keeping it completely separate from MLE.

    If you're interested, please sign up for news and pricing options here:

    mypyro 1.png


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  9. Hi Mat, this looks really good. Do you have any update since May? Thanks, Michael
  10. Hiya

    We are 90% ish there. It was put on hold during a busy few months and picked up again this week.


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