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  1. Some more of our new single shots due before September:

    MLE19-22SS-1 - 22mm SS - Ultra fast star - Silver
    Highly requested item

    The following are Pillar mines - manufactured with Japanese methods watch as the star column trails the sky whilst colour changing...

    MLE19-50P-1 - 50mm SS Pillar Mine - Red to Blue to Green

    MLE19-50P-2 - 50mm SS Pillar Mine - Blue to Green to Silver Strobe

    MLE19-50P-3 - 50mm SS - Pillar Mine - Green to Blue to Red

    MLE19-50P-4 - 50mm SS Pillar Mine - Blue to Silver Strobe

    If you'd like to reserve any please drop me an email -

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  2. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    Pillar mines look great!
  3. Duskyfuse

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    They look stunning! Very nice indeed.