New Year availability and deliveries

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  1. We've had lots of large single ignition fireworks and rockets delivered this week ready for New Year and have listed below a few specials.

    Absolutes Titus compound 200 shot (all 30kg of it) at £250.01 and free delivery to most of the UK
    A set of Absolutes Superior, First Blood & Top Gun Rockets at £150.00
    Rampage 200 shot multi effect
    - one of our best selling new year fireworks £59.99
    We have the original Brothers Godfather and have a deal on the 3 compounds from Brothers; Beat Thy Neighbour, Max Showtime and The Godfather - Brothers Bounty Pack at £445 with free delivery to most of the UK

    We will be delivering between Christmas and New Year but in case of an inch of snow, we recommend you place your order as soon as possible.

    For all of England & Wales our last order date for normal deliveries is 27th Dec, you can order on 28th Dec but only the Saturday delivery option would be available which is expensive so we'd strongly suggest you get your order sorted out before then.

    For Scottish deliveries south of Perth then the same order dates as England & Wales will apply but for deliveries to addresses north of Perth we'd ideally like orders by 13th Dec, we will try to accommodate orders for the North of Scotland after that date so please contact us and we'd see what we can do.

    Al of these dates are weather dependent and particularly for remote areas the situation can quickly change.