New Year Firework ban in Germany.

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  1. Just watched a video on You Tube and it looks like the German Government are following the Netherlands in a total ban on Fireworks for the New Year, not only because of the virus but also on environmental grounds because of pollution, they are also banning all parties and gatherings, good luck with that then!, i bet it will be just the same or even more pyro going off!, seriously though, this could be all part of a Europe wide campaign to ban fireworks altogether, the beginning of a very slippery slope!
  2. “Environmental grounds”

    That seems a bit of a futile endeavour given Germany currently operates 30 coal power plants and is looking to switch another online. I’d imagine the environmental impact of that dwarfs the contribution fireworks make for one evening
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    I have a friend in Germany that’s involved in fireworks, I was talking to him the other day and he’s said 10000% it will not make a blind bit of difference bringing in a ban as people are stock piling and no matter what they will get there hands on them, the exact will happen here in the uk if they ever brought in a ban, it will just open up the flood gates to people purchasing on the black market and that’s when we will really have serious problems.

    If a ban where to ever be introduced in the uk then every firework will be unregulated, people won’t know where they’ve been made, who’s made them, how much composition has been put in each firework, if they’ve been made correctly and also they will be made in places that are completely unregulated, that’s when serious issues start because we will see a monumental rise in serious injuries and also possible fireworks related deaths. We will also see a rise in underage children getting there hands on them as black market sellers are only in it for one reason and that’s to make money, they will not think twice about opening the boot to there car in a car park somewhere and end up selling to a 13-14 year old, this is why bans no matter where they are simply do not work.
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    Chamberlain thought he’d banned cross border excursions in ‘39.......look where that ended.

    Anybody fancy opening a store in Belgium?
  5. We've already had messages asking if we ship to the Netherlands, I'm sure we'll get a few for Germany as well.
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    Could be a good angle there.
  7. The big question: will the German's stick to the rules?? :D

    I have been in Germany for New Year, I think perhaps the difference is that they only sell fireworks for the New Year ie they don't have a "Bonfire Night" or 4th July etc? So it's easier (albiet draconian) to impose a ban.
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    I watched one of those walk around vids from last new year in Berlin the other day, geez the next time somebody says it's like a warzone on Nov 5th point them towards one of those vids. :eek:

    People shooting salutes and various other single shots and rockets horizontally down streets and at cars. Similar to the Netherlands but with more misuse...
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  9. When you say a "total ban" do you mean that the sale of fireworks is banned, or the sale and use of them is banned? The put a hypothetical, it's possible that Germans have fireworks left over from New Year last year (technically this year for those who love to be pedantic.) Can they face prosecution for setting them off?
  10. oh yes!!! :D I'm not condoning it, but that is what it's like.
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    I was watching one the other week also, walking around sticking 3” mortar tubes in bins in public play parks and streets then firing 3 inch shells in the streets, then throwing these sticks of what can only be described as dynamite right next to people’s cars
  12. I’ve heard rumour in Holland it's a criminal offence to either sell, buy and even let off fireworks, with it being a criminal offence so that anybody caught will be arrested, fined and given a criminal record, and Belgium likely to follow.
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    Quite a few of them had what looked like a toy gun that fired a single whistling shot, sure those would go down well here. :D
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    Class A drugs are illegal in almost any country. Can you still obtain class A drugs? Of course you can. Why will fireworks be any different? Pathetic.
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    I had the same argument with someone who said ‘yeah but drugs are desirable and addictive, firework are not’.. obviously not met the UKFR bunch then..
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    And here’s what my points would have been to that argument

    1. Drugs kill more people each year than fireworks
    2. Drugs cause more injuries than fireworks
    3. Drugs ruin families, fireworks don’t
    4. Kids can get drugs easier than they can get fireworks
    5. Drugs can get people murdered, fireworks can’t
    6. Drugs ruin people’s lives, fireworks don’t
    7. Drugs can get you into severe debt, fireworks don’t
    8. Drugs are for mugs, fireworks aren’t
    9. Drugs are illegal, fireworks aren’t
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    @Pyrodave1.4 and on that note, il leave this picture here ;)

  18. These so called firework covid bans could actually work in our favour. Given the antis stance on if fireworks were banned that would alieviate all there problems let's use germany and the netherlands as a form of trial Guineapig. Undoubtedly it will show two things large use of unregulated potentially dangerous cat4 products. Secondly, a ban is both unenforcable and unrealistic. This will enforce our claims that a ban of any kind wont work here. I see youtube vids already of large stashes being seized and the pyro siezed even I'd think twice of using.
  19. Are you sure fireworks don't do that ;)
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