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  1. Firstly A big thank you to everyone who purchased from us for BFN it's greatly appreciated.
    I hope you all had a fantastic time!


    As we move nearer to Christmas & New Year I would like to remind you it is best to get any orders in sooner rather than later.

    We have a delivery van out in the run up to Christmas & New Year

    As always we have plenty of great offers on stock that we have in our stores

    Everything on our website is definitely in stock and available!

    We have a few of the original Big Daddy & Tardis in stock ..... it might be your last chance to stock up on these, dont miss out!

    We also have a limited number of our Prestigious Pyrotechnics range available, Lightning Flash & Lightning Strike will be great for NYE,

    Lightning Flash square.jpg Lightning square.jpg Lightning Bolt 2 square.jpg

    Celtic Firework Mines
    are also a great firework to fire when it strikes 12 o'clock ;)

    :) PM me if you need anything :)


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