New Year's 2019/2020 Stashes

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  1. Thought I'd kick off proceedings with a thread for New Year's 2019/2020 stashes.

    Small stash below which I picked up this morning from John @Fireworks South Wales.

    New Year's Stash 2019.JPG
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  3. I hope you love that 239 colours are brilliant and hardly any smoke, enjoy.
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    It is lovely as are all the signature cakes.
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  5. I fired the one I won in your competition last year @The Powder Keg for this BFN and it was absolutely brilliant!
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    remember seeing it in transit Joe :chaplin:
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  7. Really looking forward to firing this piece, should be a lovely piece. I plan to film it too. I really do like great colours in fireworks plus each of shots have lots of NEC. I had the signature 90 shot 20mm last year and I thought it was brilliant - great to see it in the 239.
  8. Very impressive - I had the C9825Sig last year which was almost 2KG NEC, lighting a compound with double that will be incredible
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  9. Today, I had a few hours to kill so I thought I’d round up my pyro (across different locations I may add) and do a few stash pics. I think I may not be buying much pyro for the next few years, it’s safe to say lol. This is what I have minus a handful of selection boxes and my rockets!

    (P.S. I think I’m going to do the Firework King Rock ‘N’ Rolla for New Years and perhaps a Dumb Bum candle or 2, unless anyone can suggest a nice combo!?)



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    That's a nice wall of pyro :D what is it rock n rolla is it something re wrapped from another brand?
  12. Cheers!

    It’s a relatively new compound from Firework King;

    Got it for a good price and it seems suitable for my garden too, composed of 3 cat 2 cakes and sub 1kg NEC which obviously quite unusual for a compound.
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  13. My stash for New Year.s Eve.
    IMG_1394.JPG IMG_1395.JPG
  14. Here’s my 2019 stash, picked up yesterday from Raj @Newsbox Fireworks in London/Epping

    A bit smaller than last two years having moved house recently, seem to be rather heavy on the Celtic goodies as usual - too many good choices

    Especially looking forward to Ten out of Ten, Glitter Rainbow and Klasek’s Signature 25 - A true 1.3G 30mm heavy hitter

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  16. glad you managed to get your pyro mate, you will need to film extravaganza whats the bottom one :D
  17. You're very welcome @maxywell Enjoy your NYE. :)
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  18. @Peter Mackett set off some of those FK Master Blaster ball heads last night, they are stunning!
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    Adrenalize, got one mostly because it looked good in your vid. :D hoping to film both but still stuck with a samsung phone for recording so i'm hoping it won't do the usual focusing on the background...
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  20. if extravaganza fires as fast as the stock video am going to get one for my final next year. i think it will be a favourite for nye
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