New Year's Resolutions

Discussion in 'Non-Pyro chat' started by Pyro Pete, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. Pyro Pete

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    So here are mine for 2019:

    • To drink more, as I have been too teetotal for too long and it's boring now
    • To put on all the weight I lost dieting in the last 6 months, as it's cheaper than buying new clothes
    • To bury my head in the sand as much as possible as this has proved a superb and effective coping strategy
    • To burn more bridges, ideally before I get to them
    • To ban more people on the forum, because I enjoy the dopamine hit from the abuse of power

    How about yours? :cool:
  2. RocketRev

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    I think I'd better start with:
    • To watch Pyro Pete's back when he gets a different sort of "hit" from his power play.
    • To drink whisky faster than I and kind donors seem to be adding it to my collection. It's cheaper than buying more cupboards to store it in.
    • To get back to healthier eating after all the chocolate and cake of Christmas. I've got to be in good shape for the next Chocolate Season aka Easter.
    • To enjoy photography projects planned for Las Fallas, airshows and firework displays this year.
    • To try the "iron fist" approach when appropriate - a breakdown last year suggests a change of coping strategy from the "kid glove" approach for health reasons.
  3. off topic but that seems to be "the" phrase of 2018. like about five years ago everyone was saying "it's my ocd". is funny how medical terms enter common langauge.

    now people are talking about the "dopamine hit!" Facebook like? Dopamine hit. Finding your lost favourite jumper? dopamine hit! Getting a sweet a parking space at sainsburies? that's a dopamine hit right there!!! :D :D

    ah, i am being light hearted of course. but it's funny how these phrase just sort of appear in our langauge. New word enters our vocab? That's a dopamine hit right there!! :D
  4. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    You're right @Fireworks Nick it's the self-help fad of the moment. Sort your dopamine hits out to get control of your life. It's a bit snappier than the last fad, mindfulness :)
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  5. Oh gosh yes, mindfulness was soooooo 2015!!! :D
  6. Air Bomb King

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    To finally get back to the gym and, unlike in the past, actually pay some attention to cardio instead of exclusively weights/strength training!
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  7. I need to lose 3 Pounds. Sadly true.
  8. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    For those dieting, I lost a lot of weight by simply not eating after 6pm. I mean no calories, not switching to beer at 6pm ;)

    It was as effective as alternate day fasting and much easier. I've a few friends trying it too with similar results.
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  9. It's a good idea- have a nice dinner (tea/supper call it what you will) and then stop eating. I have a lifelong habit of eating right before bed, which isn't clever. :-/
  10. hofnerite

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    I agree with that. I lost the best part of 10kg last year by cutting out booze and not eating anything in the evenings. I slept better and woke up feeling good too.
  11. My problem with that is I'm a night owl!
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  12. me too! I think the "cut off" point needs to be in sensible proportion to your bedtime- like 4 hours before?

    says me, as i polish off the last slice of Goodfellas vegan pizza!!! :D
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  13. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Well try 9pm first. Then 8pm after a month, then 7pm etc. I started at 7pm initially and it felt impossible but after a few weeks got used to it. Four months later and I could easily cut off at 4pm. If you're going to bed a little hungry it's a good sign. Give yourself a day off a week also.
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  14. For what it's worth , i'd say the same for going vegetarian and then veagn in the long run for weight loss/control. ie not eating after 9pm is a clear boundry, as is not eating meat. then it time the not eating after 4pm is like not eating dairy etc. once you are in the habit, it feels normal.

    i think the tricky thing is social situations, likehaving to eg turn down a slice of birthday cake because its not vegan / after 6pm etc.

    but yep, for those considered weight loss/diet control these are good methods
  15. Exbombhead

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    I’ve quit smoking (trying to at least) and promised myself I will lose weight this year!!!

    I’ve been on the Keto diet since 2nd Jan and so far lost just over 1stone. It’s strict and a bit of a mind boggler to start with but it’s certainly one of the better diets I’ve tried. If nothing else, I recommend watching The Magic Pill on Netflix. It is a real eye opener.
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  16. that's impressive a stone in 2 weeks.
  17. Astonishing, especially when you are trying to give up smoking as well.. :cool:
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  18. that is great work, well done!

    i think with any diet, from keto to vegan to atkins to weight watchers etc, there will be good weight loss at first simply because you are watching what you eat and by default eating less.

    long term i think a good general strategy (not diet) is good to keep it off.

    like me, I stick now to 3 meals and a single snack daily.

    thus eg i won't randomly pick uop a greggs vegan sausage roll just if I'm feeling peckish, random snack when buying petrol etc. bags of crisps etc whenever that sort of thing i avoid.