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    I missed this. @Storm Fireworks had not just VIP seats, but also a VIP bed!. Jammy git
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    Amazing !
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    The more I see the more I want to go next year;)
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  6. I never realised how big this feast is. It's two firework factories in the same village and take turns each night. One does mechanical and rooftop, the next the other way round. When we were in Valletta on Thursday they had a big show that we could hear. Facebook pics show another massive setup for tonight. Also at 8am/12pm, the salutes are doubled!.
    On Monday Zejtun starts, it really is non stop in malta
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    One of many from last night.

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    Do it!
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  9. From the other factory. Apparently over 2k cues. All powered by pyro
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    awsome bit of engineering, not sure how i missed this before
  11. I need you to get to Malta, with your tape measure and pencil. ;)
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    When would be a good time to go? Catch some of these and some of them fantastic multibreaks? I may try and look into it. I really want to make it to Valencia also but whichever would fit into a busy life schedule at some point in the future!
  13. So after much pissing about by the Maltese police/army regarding safety issues a provisional date has been set to fire it 2km out to sea....
    Only problem now is that the environment 'people' are worried about the little fishes and might get the final say. You couldn't make this up.
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    I hope the deck of the boat is thick! I've seen a 7" tube go through a wooden deck before...
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    Still get a record for biggest water ball of balls shell? Lol
  17. It’s the farm fish that’s the problem there are huge amounts in the firing eria, maybe we could fire it at your Gaff Da Main Mouse?
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    Even the scrapyard end of the garden and pyro loving neighbours i ihink that may be a little out of my league!! Haha i think :biggergarden: :D
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    I can confirm that the 53 has been moved... DSC04679.jpg

    from one side of the room to other!!

    Sounds full as well :)