Nice rare group of pre decimal finds

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  1. Escht

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    Just back from fetching these after taking a call last night, all live and in great condition, 4 more bangers for the collection plus one upgrade.
    In amongst these are a Guys Fireworks Magic Garden and a Dudley Fireworks Blue Devil..........
    It's still out there just waiting to be found......

  2. Escht

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    Some more detail pictures, quite a few in here I've not seen before, ......
    IMG_8545.JPG IMG_8546.JPG IMG_8547.JPG IMG_8548.JPG IMG_8549.JPG IMG_8550.JPG IMG_8551.JPG IMG_8553.JPG IMG_8554.JPG IMG_8555.JPG IMG_8556.JPG IMG_8557.JPG IMG_8558.JPG IMG_8559.JPG IMG_8560.JPG IMG_8561.JPG IMG_8562.JPG IMG_8563.JPG IMG_8564.JPG IMG_8565.JPG IMG_8566.JPG IMG_8567.JPG IMG_8568.JPG IMG_8569.JPG IMG_8570.JPG IMG_8571.JPG IMG_8572.JPG IMG_8573.JPG IMG_8574.JPG IMG_8575.JPG IMG_8576.JPG IMG_8577.JPG IMG_8578.JPG IMG_8579.JPG IMG_8580.JPG
  3. Escht

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    Just discovered there are 6 new additions to the collection as the Pains Cannon Crasher and the Standard Little Demon are different labels to the ones in my collection.
    Makes a nice change to be able to add a few bits to my collection..... first new banger additions of the year... the Wilders British Cannon has got be be one of the nicest looking bangers I've seen.
    IMG_8570.JPG IMG_8572.JPG IMG_8574.JPG IMG_8575.JPG IMG_8576.JPG IMG_8579.JPG
  4. standard steve

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    all I can say is bloody brilliant , great fireworks there kevin , and six for your collection .
    bet you've gone all giddy !
  5. Escht

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    I'm well chuffed with them, only a short drive away this time which was also nice, plus I swapped them for militaria and gained a new customer for the militaria business........... first time I've ever been to buy fireworks and come away with the gear plus more money than I went in with........ could get to like that !
    This really is a very unusual mix of vintage pyro with some very rare items and the condition of everything is perfect........... even the Standard box is a nice clean example............ very pleased with the 6 new additions to the collection.......
    Wonder what's next ?
  6. paul lennon

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    Thank you for those wonderful photographs. Fascinating, absolutely fascinating. The Blue Devil, never remember it or heard of, is it a hand held blue spray?
  7. Escht

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    Blue Devil by Dudley Fireworks ....... it has printed on it DO NOT HOLD IN HAND....... my guess is that this is a squib......... i have only one other item from them and that is a 2d Thunderflash banger.......
    Have an advert for Dudley fireworks from 1951 and again for 1952, then by 1953 they are gone
    1951 ROTHWELL FEB301.jpg 1952 ROTHWELL OCT300.jpg
  8. Firefiend

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    Never seen a Pain's Tiger Flame!
  9. Escht

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    Nor me, guess that's another one for your database..........
  10. Richard Lane

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    These are absolutely great Kev