Cake/Barrage Night Tracer (NEW)

Discussion in 'Planet Fireworks' started by Dynamic Fireworks, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Night Tracer (low noise)
    RRP: £24.99 (available for free when a rainbow cascade is purchased from outlets with the offer)
    Manufacture: Planet Fireworks
    Category: EU Cat 2
    Safety Distance: 15m
    Shots: 105
    Shape: Fanned Z pattern
    Class: 1.4G
    Duration: 25sec (approx)
    Vibrant coloured shots fired in a Z pattern

    Filmed at Dynamic Fireworks / Firework Emporium testing evening
  2. Is the calibre of this bigger than night vision? It looks very solid and tidy.
  3. Exactly the same. Very consistent firing in this too.

  4. No I meant this looked very solid and tidy. I wondered if it was a bigger cake than NV because of it.
  5. I meant that it was exactly the same size- physically.