Rocket Nitro Rocket Pack

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  1. Pack of 5 rockets

    NEC: 60g each (300g total - 5 x 60g)

    Category: F3

    My video of the Nitro Rocket pack fired 01/01/18 just after midnight. 3 of the rockets were fired in a volley.
  2. Chesterfield Fireworks

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    Look decent.. It really seems that around 60g is the sweet spot for size/noise & value :)
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  3. These look fantastic. Who sells them? The rockets I got last year were awful.
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    There are lots of variants of these type of rockets all very good such as:

    Bright star warhawks
    Men shun airhawk
    Primed solar flare
    Hallmark sky hunter
    Zeus nitro
    Cosmic space hawks

    Im sure there are also many more
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Look for around 60 grams nec and 1.3 g

    Pretty much all 1.4 g rockets are very poor
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  6. As Daniel said :)
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  7. Cheers guys :) Will be buying some of these.
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  8. These are brilliant rockets, very loud and good spread, performed far better than the PK Sky Storm we also fired