1. nickjee

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    Just been handed this by a neighbour,
    not sure if this is pyro or just a toy???
    Comes with separate motors?
  2. I'd be keeping that as it is! Wouldn't surprise me if it was worth a few bob to a collector in a few years if not already.

    These were all the rage when I was a kid back in the 80's. We had a local model shop that sold this sort of stuff by the boat load.
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  3. Looks like they still sell them, albeit an updated version.
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  4. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Yep, model rocketry, not pyro. It will fire up then most likely eject a parachute, and it's reusable. Was into this for a while when younger, it's a fun hobby.
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  5. hofnerite

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    Looks mid 90s to me. We used to buy these from Toys R Us (until they realised they were selling lots more rocket motors than rockets! ;) )
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  6. Richard Lane

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    Watch the film “October Sky”...it’s about a young lad in America Who’s heavily into building his own rockets inspired by the Launch of sputnic..it’s great.. pyro initially Developing into very serious kit as the film goes on.
    (Available Netflix just now)
  7. Arthur

    Arthur Pro Firer/Crew

    Similar rockets are still available but the tinting of the plastic moulded container indicates that this has age.

    There should be rocketry clubs at Measham and near Cambridge. It's your choice whether to fly it (you have three motors) or keep it. The motors do NOT accept what we call an igniter but use a simple exposed filament.
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  8. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

  9. Done Fettling

    Done Fettling Supports UKFR

    Anyone have one of these water rockets in the 70's 80's ?. I think they got banned in the end as they were like a house brick falling from the sky.
    I don't recall what happened to my one in the end. Maybe its still on a house roof somewhere.
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  10. fozzboy

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    I had one in the 60s , great fun but short lived ! , it went through next doors greenhouse ... Don't know what happened to it...
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  11. blackbat

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    Used to make my own with a 2 litre pet bottle and a foot pump . Started with water and graduated to petrol...
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  12. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew

    Just a model rocket kit. Get it flown. Blackpowder motors. They go up to size D and can reach thousands of feet. Do it on a completely still day unless you're not bothered about loosing it. Not worth much. They still sell that same kit. Fun little things.
  13. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew

    Those B6-4 motors are a bit weak mind. Go get some C class motors. Same dimensions just more power. Most hobby and model shops sell them.
  14. Jamie Thornton

    Jamie Thornton Supports UKFR

    Bloody hell, thats a blast from the past, I had one of those
    red water and air rockets back in the 80s as a kid, haven’t seen
    one in years lol.
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  15. Done Fettling

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    I had that idea about petrol as a " Booster" fuel but after my FS1E exhaust flame thrower device ended up not impressing Mother in the new melted school coat department i never tried it...:)
  16. blackbat

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    I'm pretty sure it made no difference to performance at all, but it sure looked good :). There was a tendency for it to go into next door's garden still flaming so the experiment was short lived!
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  17. Richard Lane

    Richard Lane Supports UKFR

    09782329-B0A6-4168-BE8C-8D62DE18D781.jpeg We used to use Jetex fuses..For this type of rocketry projects....anyone remember them
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  18. Done Fettling

    Done Fettling Supports UKFR

    I remember the name but never used any .
  19. jww

    jww Supports UKFR

    https://www.jetex.org/ - a whole other World ! - amateur efforts to reproduce the Jetex fuel pellet are ever ongoing...J.
  20. Used to have planes and a speedboat with Jetex Motors. Still have this tin in my odds and ends - has a copper wire core.

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