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  1. Hi all
    Just thort ide introduce my self , I'm Marcus from Kendal Cumbria and I love all things pyro !! I have a small display company called Precision Pyrotechnics which currently only deals with cat 3 whilst I work my way up to the big leagues.
    I've got to know some very good people in the industry over the past few years one friend of mine in particular Wayne Richardson from firework shop has helped me massively with following my dream !
    I've crewed on quite a few cat 4 shows and held many of my own cat 3 shows so I like to think i have a decent amount of knowledge on displays.
    I'm here to learn more about fireworks and even help others if I can

    Cheers everyone
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  3. Hello and welcome Marcus :)
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    Welcome along :)
  5. Hello and welcome!
  6. Hi! I am near you. :) Where do you get your Cat 3 from? If you fancy a shopping trip anywhere, let me know and we could team up and split the petrol cost :)
  7. hello and welcome
  8. Hi mate , I go to Fireworksshop in bamberbridge for my gear, I'll give you the heads up when I'm going in future pal
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    welcome along :D
  11. Perfect :)