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    Maybe for the next Abingdon Fireworks Bash @Illusion Fireworks ? :cool:

    ........shame its simulation
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  2. Some very good CGI bit in reality there is no way the C-RAM PHALANX would have missed the aircraft, ‘goalkeeper’ is designed to shoot coke bottle sized mortars out of the sky :)

    There is also no way a camera man would be stood calmly the wrong side of a barrage of 20mm A10 rounds!
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  3. WOW, @Illusion Fireworks use one of them PHALANX's with tracer rounds in and you have a stunning roman candle battery.
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    I did see somewhere the warthog planes had been retired ? .I think they are / were awesome. Even just knowing they were in your area if your a enemy was enough to hide your AK in your Dishdasha :D
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    Totally agree on the tank buster, whilst beach fishing at aldeburgh they used to take off from Bentwaters and train out to sea, diving out of the clouds to simulate gun runs on barges moared in the ocean
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    It's been talked about quite a few times over the years but it looks like the last word on the subject was to keep them around "indefinitely".

    The B52 first flew in 1952 but they are now planning to finally retire it in the 2050s, so potentially in service for over 100 years!
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