November Season Doubts

Discussion in 'Fireworks Forum Chat And Discussion' started by Firestormpyrotechnics, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. Firestormpyrotechnics

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    Getting a little concerned about the November shows now!! Anything would be better than nothing wouldn’t you agree guys?
  2. scoops

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    Agreed but not sure what's going to happen tbh, likely social distancing will still be in place so likely social gatherings will be frowned upon at th every least even if venue's could demonstrate crowd control/distancing measures, which obviously affects ticket sales... Probably be the best season going weather wise too knowing our luck:rolleyes:
  3. hofnerite

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    I think of all entertainment events, firework displays are the most likely to be allowed to take place earlier than most. They are outdoors and although it would be a logistical nightmare, some crowd separation could be implemented, unlike sports or music venues.
    Who knows what will happen in a few weeks, let alone six months though.
  4. trueblue_ips

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    Unless a second wave is looking catastrophic I think they are going to have to ease up on the restrictions. Otherwise the country will be bankrupt and the impact of that will be worse than coronavirus.
    Whilst we won't see mass rollout of a vaccine till next year, I think there will be effective treatments and drugs in place later this year to save the critically ill in hospital.
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  5. maxywell

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    To be honest i think most council and pub displays will be off for the rest of the year... for those who rely heavily on the pro side of things it'll be a difficult year and some probably won't survive.The consumer side might not be as badly affected.Yes people will have less disposable income but the fact that Nov 5th is one of the few things that you can actually celebrate in your own garden plus the fact that some seasonals might not bother this year might see sponsors not seeing any reduction in sales.
  6. Jon

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    It's ok, we will just print more money..........that solves everything these days......
  7. I think more people might stay home and do fireworks this year?
  8. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Can you imagine social distancing in a firework shop on November 5th? The queue would be about 8 miles long!
  9. elmo

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    Hopefully :cool:
  10. hofnerite

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    I've heard several Christmas fayres and markets have already been cancelled which doesn't bode well.

    Personally I'll be continuing with a full pyromusical. If it's not at the school it'll be at the pub. If not at the pub then I'll need to buy all of my neighbours a bottle of wine as it'll be in my garden. :eek:
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  11. I'm thinking the same, which could possibly be chaotic, and ultimately have a negative effect on takings unfortunately.
    Certainly giving us retailers something to think about for this years season.
  12. scoops

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    Start pushing the online side of things, could click and collect be an opportunity? Try and lessen the impact?
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  13. Yes, all in the pipeline along with a local delivery service.

    However the vast majority of public sales are still what I call old school sales, whereby the customers enjoy a face to face transaction and enjoy coming into the shop to see the fireworks in the flesh so-to-speak, which could be challenging on the 5th itself. Many Joe Public still don't like having fireworks around the house, and tend to buy them on the day of firing.
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  14. scoops

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    Ah yes I forgot that bit
  15. Pyro Ed

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    We still have some time... I'm trying my best to be confident.
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  16. Dynamite Fireworks

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    Looking at what events have been moved rather then cancelled a lot will hinge on the London marathon taking place in October I think. That will be a benchmark following thereafter.. That however doesn’t leave much time to order, prepare, plan, logistics and deliver for November.

    Just really hope we see some positive traction over mid-late summer.
  17. I have thought for some time that you can pretty much write off this year for any event.

    Hope I'm wrong but I can't see any other scenario.

    Social distancing until next year when / if a vaccine is found.
  18. I’d imagine supermarket sales of fireworks would be up too! Will be a shame if displays are cancelled. This can only go on for so long... if it lasts longer than summer then we have some serious economic worries, unrecoverable kinds.
  19. I also worry about when social distancing is relaxed how many back to back bugs are we all going to pick up, given we will of had very little exposure compared to pre-lockdown!
  20. maxywell

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    I think it's likely that non essential shops will be open long before then, if not we're all f'd although there probably will be some sort of social distancing in place.It'll probably be loosely enforced though so i wouldn't see that being a huge problem.Social distancing at pro displays will be much more of a problem and i think it's highly likely that there will be a lot of cancellations for the rest if the year.