November Season Doubts

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  1. Or the kids have to stand 2 meters away from the door while adults throw sweets at them.......;)
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  2. I'll be on standby in my off roader ;). Itching to test the new winch :D.
    No such thing as stuck, just a pause whilst you think how to get a bit further along :p...
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  3. Any more thoughts on this? I think that shops will be more or less back to normal, but perhaps things with packed crowds might still be off. I don't know though, it seems such a heavy restriction.

    What I think might happen is that people themselves will avoid crowds , thus making the crowd itself less of a crowd. If that makes sense? Which might make a bit of distancing easier for those who are there.
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    problem with this is that with less people attending an even would mean less income from tickets etc so an event may not happen simply because it wouldn’t be economical to do so.
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    To be fair most companies are waiting for the in between gigs to restart, weddings etc are the bread and butter so critical that the hospitality sector reopens so displays can restart at hotels etc
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  6. I think whatever happens with regards to firework displays and events in general, we can probably assume for certain that until there's a vaccine or a way out, some form of social distancing will remain and we will have to adapt this season. I think that's probably a given .
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    The way things seem to be going I'd put money on there being a second wave of this in August leading to a much longer and stricter lockdown.
    Many people aren't taking it seriously as this drags on and it seems like in the coming weeks, many will be back to work and as soon as schools reopen, even at a reduced capacity we'll see infection rates soar again.
    I've been given the go-ahead to start planning my school display but I can't see it happening as it usually does. I think it'll be a display behind closed doors for people to watch from their gardens.
  8. this is a good point too- and of course will effect so many businesses like shops. chating to friends on WhatsApp at the mo, and they are saying that eg less trips to the pub, more things from home. I'm easy come easy go, like fireworks and football and don't need to be in the crowd for either. But yeah it will effect so many businesses too - football teams of course being another robvious one.
  9. and imagine if someone comes to work school with even just a regular cold, that's going to be so tricky! Iwonder if everyone who gets a cold will start 14 day self isolation as per the norm?
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    'Go back to work if you can't work from home' says BJ, will anybody be reopening soon?
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    Crazy message really isn't it considering there is no white paper to accompany and explain the details of it.
    So construction workers can go back to work, but no public transport... so there'll be what 6 of them in a transit van instead?
    Also, millions may go back to work tomorrow and I assume their kids will be plonked at the school entrances, which are not prepared or staffed to take them.
    BoJo hasn't explained what now constitutes a keyworker as their kids can stay in school.
    If your employer expects you to be at work tomorrow but you have to rely on public transport, which you can't use then where do you stand?

    This is typical of the government's response so far in this crisis - announce something and then scramble around for weeks trying to explain it.
    That R-value will be back above one before June. I guarantee it.

    And all the while Scotland, Wales and NI stick to lockdown while BoJo tells us the UK is in this together.

    When even cabinet MPs are tweeting that they are confused by this, then god help the covidiots.
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    We as a nation and the government are not really very good at this. It’s a bloody disaster on all fronts !
    So to follow on from Hofnerite, last week my wife’s primary school key worker children rose again to 25, which led to the Headmaster sending out an e mail to parents saying the school couldn’t take any more children and maintain social distancing . God knows what’s going to happen next week or the week after.
    When you are already taking key worker children from pre school upto year 6, including children who need one to one care, social distancing dosn’t work anyway.
    What happens when the other 80 odd pupils return and the 30 odd in the pre school.
    The government agree the route out of this is testing, track and trace , but this is not going to work ither.
    One of my wife’s colleagues in Team B , was ,is pretty sick. She had the symptoms as clear cut as you can get, and dosn’t do sick. So for her to be very ill in bed , they all knew something had to be wrong. After 3 days of being in bed , her husband drove her to the testing station and she did the test. 3 days later , which was last Sunday night the results came back negative, which surprised everyone. So based on these results the headmaster allowed team B back into school on the Monday. Over the next 3 days the ladies condition got worse so they phoned the hospital, who advised a re test. The results came back on Friday POSITIVE, too late team B had already done a week of school.
    2 of my friends, one a GP in Portsmouth and a consultant who works in London, were both ill. They knew they had Covid 19. The GP first test negative, second positive, the consultant 4 TESTS NEGATIVE before the final 5th test came back positive.
    So all agree the way out of this is testing , track and trace, but when the tests don’t work , it’s a fucking disaster. And all these people were ill, not mild symptoms, properly ill 3-4 days before getting tested.
    so tests obviously aren’t full proof, which means, track and trace etc won’t work. There’s a global shortage of PPE for frontline staff , let alone the general population. By the time a vaccine is developed , the virus will have probably mutated. And if a vaccine is found the whole world’s population will want it.It’s going to be years before it’s a standard flu like jab, and even then the flu jab is only given to the at risk, not the whole population.
    Lockdown if done very strictly , will work, but we haven’t done this.
    So the only way out of this as far as I can see is herd immunity, we are only prolonging the inevitable.
    As for November and any other displays all we can do is be ready if they are allowed to go ahead. So until things are definitely cancelled I’m planning and carrying on as normal.If they are cancelled the stock will just carry forward so nothing lost really. Just means your sitting on a huge stash, which isn’t a bad thing ;).
    And when we are given the green light, I’m sure we will all go mad and have a pyro blow out.
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    Yes, I think shops will start reopening soon adopting similar pragmatic measures to the supermarkets where that is possible.

    The government has got the balance spot on I think. Edging on the side of caution still but putting the first practical steps in place to ease the lockdown so we can carefully return to some semblance of normality before the economy is totally trashed. With daily monitoring and reporting of the R rate, the government can further relax or tighten up again on the restrictions depending on progress made against the 5 rules Boris clearly explained.
    The government's successful strategy and clear messaging has helped to keep the NHS from being overwhelmed and the death total well below the 250,000 mooted as a possibility at the beginning. The new "Stay Alert" mantra is exactly the right one for now - think about what you are doing, be conscious of your surroundings and what is happening around you, be careful and don't let your guard down. In other words, adapt to the situation you find yourself in at any one time and use common sense.
    The phased return to work policy is also spot on. If you can work from home of course you must. If you can walk, cycle or drive to work you should go back providing your employer has taken the necessary and reasonable steps to protect you. But obviously avoid public transport because restrictions will still be in place and this will be overcrowded. The advice the government will be publishing to employers will be key.
    I'm sure the guidance issued to us tonight will evolve on an almost daily basis as it inevitably must given outcomes and consequences are so hard to predict. The government though has shown strong and effective leadership throughout this crisis and I think the vast majority of people understand the immense challenge they face and are supportive. The last poll I saw showed 78% thought the government were doing a good job, 18% thought not. That sounds about right to me.
    What I have noticed since this all started was how strangers now greet you with a smile or say hello. That rarely if ever happened before. Not where I live anyway. Maybe something good will come out of all this and there will be some positive and lasting changes in society.
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    Too late for that. The advice should have come first. There will be people going back to work in 11 hours time to workplaces totally unprepared and possibly in breach of the H&S at work act.
  15. I'm definitely in the 18%. Before this I thought Boris would be a good PM. I think his speech today was a joke, even banging in the table!
  16. I loved seeing the pics of the police officers in their minibus driving through the parks, no 2m inside there, and their telling us to cycle.
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    Tis just politics I guess, he reminded me of Winnie :D
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    Mandela? ;)
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    That made me laugh out of loud. We still have some sense of humour left.
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    Well BJ's broadcast showed an acceptance that we must get back to work, with due care -or our employers may have closed down. It also showed the change that Covid has done to him -probably an important demonstration of how serious this disease is.