November Season Doubts

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    It's all a bit of a farce really, the stats from the countries that are reopening don't look great either so a second lockdown around July/August is highly likely and would be even more damaging to the economy.Be prepared for a 10% tax rise next year...
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    There is a hard decision to be taken between firms going out of business wrecking the economy and people becoming sick wrecking the economy, expect next year 2021 to be different, maybe that will be the new normal.
  3. I'd guess at the wrong heading for this, more like 78% of population are doing as they like and don't think (refrained from using 'don't give a f##k')
    And the remainder are adhering to the rules.
    If 78% of members on here think we are happy, then there must be one person who hopefully can explain this to me,
    BBC News - Coronavirus: French passengers exempt from UK quarantine plans
    Why France and not Malta?
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    If you want a rational and comprehensible explanation, you'll be waiting for a while - Raab tried this morning, mumbled something about common borders and wandered off on a tangent. Mind you, he struggled with an explanation as to what 'stay alert' actually means, too, so at least those of us who are scratching our heads are not alone. (He settled on 'stay at home'). We'll have to wait until 2.00pm this afternoon and see what their feted 50 page document says about any and all of this.

    Don't be misled by the 78% figure - Yougov give it at under 60 at the beginning of the month but it's acknowledged that in crises polls are not reliable - the response last night and this morning after yesterday's extraordinary performance would suggest it may change further...

    And @trueblue_ips - describing the government's latest slogan as a 'mantra' is right - a numinous phrase with no pragmatic significance or meaning, for endless repetition by those aspiring to divine or psychological awareness...just what we needo_O;)

    Mods - I know we're way off beam here - shift as deems appropriate!
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    The Pooh. Definitely a bear of very little brain.
  6. It’s an impossible task. You will never ever please everyone. It is just stormy waters for all, no matter what size the boat we will all be affected - just need to battle through. Let’s just take a moment to thank the lord that we have not got Corbyn at the helm, just imagine how f**ked we would be then :O
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    You're right. It is an impossible task. Ease up on the lockdown too much and deaths rise. Don't ease up enough and the economy tanks. All the government can do is react to circumstances as they change on a nearly daily basis. And the public just need to use a bit of common sense and be prepared to adapt. It's difficult for everyone.
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  8. and the legal accountability of firms if staff / customers get sick.

    I imagine a lot of eg swimming pools won't open for a long time.
  9. Exactly the reason I am considering getting one of those swimspa things in the garden, bit like a big hot tub. Sadly its 20k for a good one..
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    I wonder..... could they be promoted for their healing waters? A bit like some spas were centuries ago and I think some are even now? I'm thinking of those that use chlorine products to keep the water clean.... doesn't that make the water a kind of diluted bleach? People swim in it, wash their skin with it, even swallow it and so rinse their insides out? Bingo - the Trump Cure!??? :eek::p

    Those swimming pools actually make me ill - I'm very sensitive to the chlorine & bleach. In my school days, swimming lessons were a nightmare. In my younger fatherhood days, taking my children swimming wasn't good for me. Thankfully, when I had months of hydrotherapy after a major injury, the hospital hydrotherapy pool used one of the other water sanitisation methods that was OK for me.
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    There are several chemical treatments for pool and spa water, lots use chlorine based sanitisers but many modern pools use Baquacil which is bromine based and supposedly less irritating. Pools need checking for chemical balance weekly in the summer, spa's need checking every day or two -the smaller volume means that the chemical balance can shift very quickly. Guess how I used to spend my summers going from one executive garden to the next!
    PS off pH in pools can attack dyed and bleached hair (some turn green) Makes someone very unpopular. Fortunately I learnt by someone elses mistake.
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  12. for me it could be, for want of a better word "folk superstation" that wet and damp places spread coughs and colds and viruses. I hate the sort of "damp" feel of changing rooms myself.

    In Germany it's considered unhygienic to wear swimming clothes in saunas, because the chemicals from the pool water (or just on clothes in general) can pollute the air. Given a choice , too, they would rather swim nude to the extent that certain places are textile free. :-/ :D
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    Still seems early to me... quite a few things have been postponed until Oct/Nov so clearly their organisers think they'll be able to go ahead.Surely anyone with events at the end of the year should wait until the end of the summer.

    If all councils cancel theirs then the police/fires usual advice to go to a pro display is down the pan.
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  15. According to the news tonight we are going to be stuck with this social distancing not just for months but for years ahead so many outdoor events are going to disappear and in my experience once they go they never return, not only fireworks but any form of entertainment from funfairs, circuses, steam rallies, music festivals, car shows down to local fetes, flower shows etc, and even private parties will be badly affected for a very long time and this will hit display firms very hard, all the local firework Summer shows are already cancelled down here and most of the carnivals that had fireworks and sadly i can see a few firms not surviving.
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    Social distancing for years? Oh my God that's a depressing thought. If they can develop a vaccine in sufficient numbers this year I would hope that gives us all a way out.
  17. Would you take it?
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    What social distancing? I popped into Cambridge yesterday (for essential work) and it was like a typical bank holiday. Thousands on the streets and in the parks, buses were packed, shops that were open were busy. Didn't see many people observing the 2m rule.
    The worrying thing is that we are still on level 4 of Boris's chart of doom and he hasn't really introduced any significant changes in lockdown yet.
    Now either the science is wrong and we'll just all be OK with a minimal infection rate going forward or by September we'll be back at square one.
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    I think we’re in the lap of the god’s so to speak as the science is only a prediction so could be anything from utterly useless to woefully underestimated. I doubt we’ll have a vaccine anytime soon so only time will tell us if social distancing as we've seen lately really works when people are incapable of thinking about themselves never mind those around them - I hope my gut feeling is wrong :(
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    That's a very pessemistic, and probably unscientific outlook from whichever news programme you saw. And I'd not base my outlook for anything on "according to the news tonight". They relish pessimism and bad news. Good news is no news.

    Certainly down here in Somerset, sensible distancing isn't stopping limited socialising, and as the numbers of infections drop, as they currently are, there is no good case any more for limiting social interaction.
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