November Season Doubts

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    Now that’s what I call a thread. And one I’m sure we can all relate to. But being limited to CAT3 , 30mm might be a bit of a tight squeeze.
    If we could open the thread up a bit to sex with Roman candles, and mines ! That extra 20-45mm makes all the difference. Those Klasek 50mm and 75mm SS are orgasmic !!
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    I'm assuming you are not in the trade 2 Tone? (other than the building trade). We don't have amazing deals of cheap pyro. There are not "deals to be had now and again" this isn't buildbase selling plaster off cheap in the spring - pyro is getting more expensive every year, by a lot. The only time there are sales is when importers need container space, and then, more often than not, Celtic is still cheaper.
  3. The genius of it is, 75% of the time that £500 hook in the mouth ends up a £795 or £1495 package display anyway and the other 25% can’t afford anything more - even if we broke even I’d rather keep the hungry appetite of our massive crew fed - I just love what we do probably far more than most in our industry if £500 makes somebodies dreams come true and pays for a round of beers that’s a good day for me, if you don’t like it either clamp my sisters wheelchair or shut the front door!

    Once we’re out of this mess we can sit at a table Roger and you can change my mind!
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  4. Depends who you know I guess!
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    Yes I am in the Pyro trade and have my own display business and have spent a small fortune on kit firing systems and storage insurance Fortunately for me Pyro is not my only source of income if you can call it an income There are certain deals to be had a now and again with Pyro for me anyway enough said
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  6. Back on topic, I think we have seen some very positive signs over the last week or so - it’s going to be an all telling month June - I remain very optimistic :)
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    Christ on a bike.
  8. My only doubt for November is whether this thread will have made it back on topic by then :(.......
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    On foot or a donkey, more like. Occasionally a boat. But a bike? Never. :p
    Turned water into wine to keep the wedding party going longer.... I'll take that any day over miracling a bike out of nowhere!:)

    We've got Pentecost this Sunday and that involved some heavenly fire work of a kind. ;)
    I've done fireworks for that before - but alas not going to be able to do so this year. :(

    As for 5th November..... its a "wait and see" for me. I'm in a new parish where there's not been a firework display before. So there's no established site or team for me to get going with. There's a hope I'd start something. But sorting out a site from scratch will take time. And once the Autumn comes I've a feeling I'll be running flat out to catch up with weddings and other things, and the schools will have enough on their plates. A firework display will be way down the priority list. So I doubt I'll be doing a display this year..... 2021 for me. Maybe a few fireworks in the vicarage garden, though. I've some to use up, so won't be planning to buy anything this year.

    Another consideration will be that I, like many churches / schools / community groups etc. will be risk averse to buying fireworks ahead of time. We'd usually buy ahead of time (I've usually bought mine by now!) and recoup the cost on display admission charges. We could go from things looking OK to a spike in COVID19 and event attendance limits to even a fresh lockdown in the space of a couple of weeks. So there might be a financial argument for arranging to run an event but buying pyro at the last minute and going without all the advance display design planning.

    So there.... @jester7272 ....back on topic well before November!
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    I see it as going two ways, either we all get a good bang, or we don' for fireworks I don't know :p
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    If you don't like, or have no interest in, what's being discussed, don't read the topic. It's like complaining about a TV programme but watching it anyway. This is a forum for both professionals and hobbyists - topics discussed by one may well be of no interest to another. Just skip over them. Simple.
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    Hush..... I thought / hoped I'd steered us back on topic and into less turbulent waters....... ;)
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  13. I'm sure that there will still be fireworks in the shops for bonfirenight, is there much reason why there won't be?
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    Depends if @danielpyronutter has been in before you! ;)
  15. Jeez. Only just read this thread!

    I have to say I'm with Karl on this one...

    We all run our businesses as we see fit and what works for our own business model....

    As for what the season holds.... who knows, but we're planning for all eventualities.
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    I think this season is on a knife edge. We have one very significant display planned in the Summer for a music festival. Doing stage pyro to an A list group of artists is a highlight for us but I very much doubt it will be happening. It’s a massive shame as the closing display included some fairly decent calibre shells fired from a hillside location behind the venue. It would have been spectacular. But those shows aside, we’re just crossing our fingers that something can happen this year purely to ensure the industry doesn’t collapse. I know some of us are lucky enough to have other sources of income which is of course massively helpful. For those who don’t I sincerely hope that this dry spell for the industry isn’t too protracted. I know lots of us do things differently. Some of us do shows in others counties. Some of us risk stepping on others toes now and then. But now more than ever as an industry under threat from all angles, we need to be cohesive. We need to defend the base from Julie and her minions. We need to ensure we can get displays back on track in 2020 and we need to all help each other if we want an industry left after all this.

    Karl, I applaud your candid post about costings and much like you, I’m guilty of putting pleasure before pocket when it comes to my own take on displays. As a small team we have done some freebies for good causes or added some extras for our own enjoyment. Ok we’re careful how and when and more often than not a good price is a hook for an up sell. But I also applaud others for not wanting to offer what they see as wasted packages. As a small company with a handful of firers, we had to start with small ambitions. We’re making huge headway into bigger budget displays for events/public displays now and that’s on the strength of our previous displays some of which may have been “loss leaders”. But as we continue to grow (or hope to after all of this) we will still offer our passion at some of our less high profile venues where we can be intelligent around packages and setup. I’d love to say we could charge £1000 minimum for every display. But the area we are in and the customers we work with just won’t stretch to it all the time. Our sub £1000 shows were previously bread and butter for us and it would be a shame to price ourselves out of the smaller market just because we can.

    I love this industry. Perhaps too much. And I love the variety each of us offers. We should applaud that diversity in this industry because it really does mean we can offer something for everyone. If a £500 show isn’t for you, let someone else take it. If a £50000 show isn’t for you. Let someone else take it. What I know for certain is that every professional on this forum has a portfolio of work that stacks up. They take their craft seriously. I’ve been lucky enough to work with a good handful and of course not everyone gets along. We’re all egotistical pyro-artists. But if I’ve learned anything this year, this industry needs protecting and that only comes from sticking together.

    Essay Ends Here
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