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    60 inch
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  2. mike hadley

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    thats the mortar to shoot it

  3. They will need that crane to load it!
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  4. blackbat

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    Does anyone else think it doesn't look 5ft in diameter?
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  5. danielpyronutter

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    Maybe those people are really tall lol
  6. elmo

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    I agree, 4ft max I’d say
    Unlike the Americans to exaggerate too............
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  7. RocketRev

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  8. It looks like it's on a pallet, I'd say 120cm (4ft)
  9. Pyromania

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    I’d laugh if it flowerpots on its way up - could still potentially break the record for the worlds largest mine I suppose...
  10. Madfish

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    It appears the Guinness record for 'Largest aerial firework shell' is based on weight, 464.826 kg, height attained, 907 m (2,975 ft 8.66 in) from the ground to the top of the exploded firework, 533 m (1,748 ft 8.25 in) from the ground to the center of the exploded firework and burst diameter 748 m (2,454 ft 0.81 in) with no mention of it's constructed diameter.

  11. Skip to 18.30
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  12. RocketRev

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    Nice..... now looking for / waiting to see a zoomed out video of that big shell burst to get an idea of the size of the thing.
  13. mike frost

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  14. Madfish

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    Worlds largest maybe, but is it just me that thought it was quite an unspectacular shell compared to the Japanese large shells??
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  15. scoops

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    Perhaps the saying "size isn't everything" is true after all..;)
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  16. blackbat

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    Interesting "filling" technique as well!
  17. I'm a bit underwhelmed by that!,all the anticipation and all it was was a gold brocade with purple tips!,the Japanese ones are much better!
  18. hofnerite

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    I liked the 'mine effect' single shots as it lifted though. Good way to add a little more anticipation.
  19. RocketRev

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    Yes, I thought that, too. It looked a bit like a hollow chocolate egg with disappointingly few other chocolates rattling round inside. Seeing how far down they were reaching to place the fillers, I wondered if we just got a short video clip to show the way they made the shell but didn't show them packing the shell really full.

    That was done on a display I crewed for - but not to add anticipation, rather to create a surprise and big wow factor. A salvo of 12" shells were fired. Just before they lifted a salvo of mines was fired to mask the launch sound of a 16" shell. It was done that way round to cover for the longer flight time of the 16" compared with the 12's so that they all broke at the same time. It looked good and looked like a lead in to the 12's. So the spectators heard and saw the mines, heard the 12's go and saw their tails rising.... but didn't realise there was a 16" already in the air, flying dark with no tail...... then the 12's burst and above them, seemingly out of nowhere, the 16".
  20. Silver Comet

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    Hello, there were no 12" or 16" shells in the show at all. There were 10", 24" and the 60". There were 80x 4" Comets fired at the same time as the 60" to add to the launch spectacle, not mines.

    It's not possible to import 12" and 16" into The UAE. There were none manufactured on-site - only 14x 24" were manufactured.
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