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  1. It seems that O2 think they can play God and have started to restrict access to website who sell age restricted products.

    Fireworks have been hit. I wonder if they'll ban TESCO and the likes as well.
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    Is this when O2 is your broadband provider or are we talking mobile data?
  3. Mobile. I don't have o2 broadband so can't check that, but probably both
  4. No my WiFi in house is fine, but my mobile data had to be verified by my driving licence. Gambling sites, fireworks etc
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    Ridiculous. You need to verify age to BUY the products anyway so why do they feel the need to stop someone LOOKING at age restricted products?
    Like @Firework Crazy said - will they block Tesco for selling fireworks, knives, glue etc or indeed any store that sells anything you need to be 16/18/21 to purchase?

    So basically a kid can view hardcore p*rn or watch someone on YouTube being murdered but can't view details of legal fireworks.
  6. Likewise, for smoking sites etc too.
  7. Same for Tesco mobile who use O2. This has been especially annoying as last week I tried viewing our website whilst out and about and the page would not load because it was ‘not secure’. Chrome said it was an SSL error and friends said it would not load for them so spent lots of time working on the website to try and fix the issue but to no avail. Then a friend who is on a different network got back to me and said it worked fine for them. So I went through the process of verifying my age through Tesco and voila the website worked again for me.

    I don’t like this sudden and secret automatic opt-in of parental control and I certainly don’t like it when pages don’t load because of ‘security’ reasons rather than saying age needs verification...
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  8. I’ve lodged a formal complaint.
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    Has this got anything to do with the new legislation the government said it wanted to pass where people would have to opt in to see age restricted websites? I thought that was for new issued contracts and not existing ones. I think TalkTalk have a similar scheme running these days on their new contracts.
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    GiffGaff (which is O2) wouldn't let me visit various sites including the Lottery but the age restriction was easy to remove by verifying age, which I had to do when joining on both mobile and broadband SIMs over the last few years, nothing has been blocked recently, so maybe this is just for longer term customers who never did this originally? Still, annoying if done with no warning and especially so if you don't get a proper message telling you this when a site doesn't work.
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    I think there's a few different things going on. For p*rn, an adult site would need to verify you are over 18 under the new legislation if they see you're from the UK, by using an age-verification service, this legislation is independent of what your ISP does. That applies to all adult sites, not just UK-based ones, and ISPs will be forced to block those that don't comply. Age verification at present is essentially done by a monopoly of companies who are not even UK-based and so we end up with some third party somewhere having a large database of everyone's preferences which at some point will almost certainly be hacked by criminals or the state. That legislation though doesn't cover anything other than sexual content.
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  12. I don't see an issue with verifying your age to visit sites, could help prevent certain crimes..

    Obviously just stopping you visiting sites without warning isn't on at all.
  13. Do you have to be over 18 now to buy humeroids cream ? :confused:
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  14. I think it’s wrong.

    My daughter loves going on the website and watching videos of fireworks, however I don’t want the age restriction lifted on my account to protect her from coming across other nasties!

    And if they’re going to do it for one they need to do it for everyone who sells fireworks including Tesco etc.
  15. If it works the way some internet filters i've come across work, then it looks for particular words in the main URL, hence why tesco isn't affected in the same way. Which does throw up some anomalies, one of my friends was unable to book a tour of a cider farm because of his broadband filter, but could buy cider from a different website simply because the URL was a brand name so it didn't pick it up. It didn't filter the Wetherspoons website either for a while, someone must've spotted it and added it to the banned list. Never come across a block on firework sites though, that's a new one
  16. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that you can’t access age restricted data on mobile data but you can when you’re on WIFI. Don’t most kids have their own bedrooms where they can use their phone/tablet/laptop to watch a video of “Big Daddy”?
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  17. This seems very draconian. Children have always enjoyed fireworks. I did when I was a child. We used to pick out what we wanted and our parents would buy it.
  18. where they can use their phone/tablet/laptop to watch a video of “Big Daddy”?[/QUOTE]

    Shirley Crabtree? :D
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    @Firework Crazy has flagged this issue and as members of the BFA, we have raised it with some other members.

    O2's terms and conditions state that they operate in accordance with the BBFC guidance regarding delivery of age restricted digital content. Having examined the BBFC's guidance, it clearly states that their age restriction recommendations are NOT targeted towards websites which sell age restricted products.

    In respect of digital content, although it is an offence to view certain types of content (such as pornoraphy, horror, acts of violence, etc.) without age restriction filers, to the best of our knowledge, it is not and has never been an offence to watch a firework video if you are under the age of 18.

    As the BBFC point out, it is the responsibility of individual retailers and Trading Standards Authorities to ensure that individual websites retailing age restricted products to have the appropriate age verification checks in place. We are struggling to understand the logic behind O2's position and the misinterpretation of the BBFC guidance. Any network operator is free to enforce their own terms and conditions but on this occasion they appear to be blaming the BBFC for something the BBFC have not said!
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    Is this cream to treat a funny bum ?:)