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  1. In this video I fire a 56 shot Oblivion barrage from Evolution Fireworks. Nearing the upper NEC limit and featuring a 30mm inner tube diameter this piece really packed some oomph and its effects burst with a real thud. It gave large breaks, cycled through a multitude of different effects and was very impressive. NEC count 994g.

    Category: F3

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

    Bore size: 30mm

    NEC: 994g

    RRP: £104.99

  2. that looks quite good how much was it and not rrp
  3. scoops

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    First lesson of forum etiquette, don't ask the price we pay. Cost will vary dependant on what you buy from the supplier, more spent, more discount
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  4. Hi scoops am very sorry and i was not aware that i shouldn't ask that question. Please take my apology.
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  5. If you shop around for long enough you'll find it for considerably less than the RRP. :cool:
  6. just too say again as i am new in did not realize that i shouldn't ask the question of how much you paid for it.
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    Nothing wrong with asking the question it just depends what else they bought with it, if they got any deals etc. It'll generally be available on it's own for £70 - 80.
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  8. ok thanks for your reply maxywell
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    Nothing to be sorry for, it's a question most ask but the answers will be different based on who replies and what they bought at the time. You'll find the sponsors on here very helpful when it comes to discounts and purchasing a great stash:)
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    If you pick up one thing (maybe 2) from here @Matthew Jones they are;

    1 - Support your sponsors, they are a great source of info and discounts when you buy your stash with them (especially this year)
    2 - Do not buy from Supermarkets, you will get safe, but overpriced, over-packaged and underperforming fireworks (with a very few exceptions)
    Ok, 3 things - Don't put pictures on here of F3 stuff in tiny gardens..............

    Apart from that, soak up the advice, no questions are stupid, better to be safe than sorry :):)
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  11. don't worry i was planning to buy from a sponsor and would never get supermarket fireworks.
    Also my garden is over 25 meters long so no worrying about firing any f3 stuff to close to spectators:)
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  12. also to add to my reply i would be following the rule of at least 1 metre per mm of tube width;)
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    Asking the price paid is a fair question, generally. However, withholding that info is also reasonable (as per the comments above).

    To strike a balance it is useful if a rrp is backed up with a ‘generally available for’ price, where possible. This allows less experienced members to make a more informed judgement of the reviews.

    It’s especially useful for newbies who have little idea of brands; and that some sell for around rrp less 10%, whilst others are generally 50% off.......before personal deals.
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  14. ok thanks for your advice . On the other hand though i know about some of the best brands like celtic, jorge and vivid pyrotechnics to name a few, all of which have amazing products and am hoping to possibly try some of this year:D
  15. i'm based in east sussex, nearish brighton.
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  16. m
    my edit didn't save
    I'm based in uckfield which is nearish brighton.
  17. Yeah you'll have a few sponsors close to you then
  18. ok thanks pidgey, i will be buying frrom letsparty fireworks which would be my nearest sponsor.
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