Oh the irony!

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  1. Scrolling through social media tonight and stumbled across a post from my local news page. They have been very anti this year and posted several polls and questions to try and get the county moaning during the last month. However a controversial post has now arisen about dog walking and various stricter laws around fouling. Look at the 1st comment .

    Oh how ironic!
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    Somebody should send that to all the mp's who like to have a moan about fireworks.

    Came across this vid while browsing youtube… it's unusual to get a neutral point of view but what he said is probably what most people think.

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    Probably most of the vitriol comes from social media, it's far easier to post an opinion to a web platform than it is to write a well constructed letter and post it to a newspaper, and the replies can be much swifter. Scared of Orpington.
  4. The real issue here is that those people who are outraged or offended by fireworks are seen as being correct and the rest of us are wrong
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    Yes because we live in an ever increasing intolerant society, where often a minority opinion is perceived as the only opinion and if you don't share that opinion then you are wrong.

    If you were to go on the FAB Facebook site and give a well balanced view point, stating factual correct information and not sensationalism, while addressing and correcting some of the inaccuracies shared - they would simply not be interested.

    I recently stated the true reason on FAB why Sainsbury's didn't sell fireworks this year and apart from one like, no one was interested in the real truth. Most of them just carried on blindly congratulating Sainsbury's for 'listening to the people' and caring for their pets welfare - while ripping into other Supermarkets who were still selling Fireworks.

    They are only interested in their own outrage and self-fulfilling propaganda.
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    Spent 3 hours at A&E with my wife last night after she was bitten by a dog !!
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    Well said.
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    The quantity of dog shit seems to have increased in past weeks along the tow path of the canal. I can only deduce that the increase in the number of dogs shitting all over the place is due to it being around the oh so terrifying Nov 5th period. Maybe I should just shut up and put up. After all, I love traipsing infected excrement into my home. The more the merrier.

    They go on about how fireworks should never be allowed in the hands of the public because they do not act responsibly. Hypocritical and self righteous much? Pffff...Jesus! (soz Rev).
  10. My daughter is afraid of dogs so should we ban them or is that unreasonable ..............
    Just using the same argument the majority of the ‘ban brigade’
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    Did anyone get a foi request into NHS for dog bites to public? Would be interesting too I'd suggest!
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    Yes we have the data. Makes for an interesting read. Here is the one for 2016/2017.

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    Is this for a region or whole of the UK? England only?
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    It is from NHS Digital for England.
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    Fuck it.. I'm going to start a Facebook page about the positive firework stories, counteracting the nonsense brigade and fact checking the claims of you know who.
    Someone's got to do it!
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    It'll soon be overrun by moaners...
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    They'll be blocked instantly.